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Educational Activities

Categories of conferences/courses: There will be the following conferences/courses/workshops for the trainee. All conferences are usually held in the classroom near the Newborn Center at Regional One Health, which is specifically dedicated for the Division of Neonatology.

  • Neonatal Resuscitation Course: Certification must be completed during the first 2 months of training; certification as instructor in NICU Year 1 of training.
  • Neonatal-Perinatal Conferences (Once monthly conference) in collaboration with Maternal-Fetal Medicine faculty members and depending upon the case with other UTHSC faculty members from various departments. Conferences take the form of didactic lecture, or case presentations and discussions or clinical-pathological conference.
  • Mortality-Morbidity Conference (2/month): Open case discussion among fellows, faculty, and in certain cases with pathologist.
    • circulatory system of the fetus and transition at birth
    • mechanics of control of ductal constriction
    • endothelial-derived vasoactive factors
    • fetal-maternal-placental blood gas exchange
    • perinatal renal blood flow and function
    • control for GI blood flow in newborns
    • perinatal cerebral circulation
    • maternal cardiovascular adaptations to pregnancy
    • neural control of the perinatal circulation
    • development of the blood brain barrier
    • lung development
    • first breath
    • pulmonary surfactant biochemical development
    • the newborn cardiovascular system physiology
    • control of breathing in the newborn
  • Basic Science conference: once monthly. Topics are discussed by basic science faculty, Neonatology Faculty members or invited faculty members from other department or divisions, and subspecialty fellows. The fellows will also attend the basic science graduate course in cardiovascular physiology and pulmonary physiology directed by Dr. Charles Leffler. Emphasis is on basic fetal/neonatal physiology. Topics covered include but are not limited to:
  • Administrative meeting (one/month) This is conference attended by a multidisciplinary team of attending neonatologist, neonatology subspecialty resident, social workers, nutritionists, discharge planner, Nurse-practitioner, pharmacist, record librarian and others involved in clinical care in NICU. Discussions include review of monthly statistics, resolution of current and on-going problems.
  • Biostatistics and Bioethics course: Subspecialty residents are required to attend a course for statistics/clinical design conducted by Dr. Stephanie Storgion (4th Wednesday each month) designed for all Pediatric subspecialty residents at UTHSC. Some statistics and epidemiology topics are included in the regular conferences. A quarterly/semiannual Bioethics conference is also conducted by Dr. Carson Strong at the Newborn center with discussions around ethics for neonates. Fellows are required to attend those and present case scenarios to initiate discussion.
  • National meeting: Attendance at one national meeting/year is allowed with approval. Attendance and presentations at scientific/research meetings (Society for Pediatric Research, Southern Society for Pediatric Research, Experimental Biology [FASEB]) are encouraged. Fellows are also nominated to attend regional and national conferences to present their research work.
  • Journal club: This is held once a month as part of the Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine conference series and approved for CME and CEU credits. Fellows/Faculty present at this conference with emphasis on how to review articles, critic study design and review statistics.
  • Anomaly conference: Once a week Congenital Anomaly Conference (CAC, Course Director Dr. Giancarlo Mari, MD). Conference is attended by multiple subspecialists with review of fetal anomalies and preplanning of management before delivery of the infants. Fellows are required to be present and gather information for coordination of care at the time of delivery.
  • Radiology Conference: once a week (pediatric radiologist) review of x-rays, CT scans and Ultrasounds with fellows and faculty from NICU.

Last Published: Mar 15, 2018