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  1. High volume ED (top 10 pediatric census in the nation) & high level of acuity with exposure to the breadth & depth of our specialty.
  2. "Level 1" trauma experience with PEM's as the initial team leaders.
  3. PEM faculty with diverse personal and professional interests.
  4. Coverage provided by board eligible or certified PEM physicians, 24/7.
  5. Fellows function as "Junior" attendings.
  6. Moonlighting is encouraged as long as it does not interfere with core learning.
  7. Active research program in applications of bedside ultrasonography in the PEM. Dedicated portable ultrasound machine for use in the department.
  8. Simulation training with mock code exercises.
  9. Fellows encouraged to pursue their passion as part of their administrative and scholarly contributions to the division.
  10. Flexible ED leadership and management style with focus on customer satisfaction and trialing of new processes.
  11. Collaborative relationship with other divisions like pediatric orthopedics, cardiology, radiology, ICU, ID, nursing and core pediatric residency program.
  12. Professional practice management resources with education in accurate coding, documentation & RVU capture.
  13. Active ED procedural sedation program with use of wide range of agents including ketamine, propofol, nitrous oxide & etomidate.

Last Published: Mar 15, 2018