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The division has participated over the past two decades as a member of the North American Pediatric Renal Trials Cooperative Study (NAPRTCS). Robert Wyatt is the center principal investigator for this registry that compiles important clinical data and outcomes for pediatric patients who have a kidney transplant, are on chronic dialysis, or have chronic renal insufficiency but have not yet progressed to dialysis or transplantation.

Elucidating IgA Nephropathy through Genetic Studies of IgA1 Glycosylation

Dr. Robert Wyatt is a coinvestigator on this study that is led by Dr. Jan Novak at the University of Alabama at Birmingham and Dr. Ali Gharavi at Columbia University School of Medicine. Data from our 2008 paper "Aberrant IgA1 Glycosylation Is Inherited in Familial and Sporadic IgA Nephropathy" Gharavi et al. J Am Soc Nephrol 19: 1008-1014, 2008 contributed to the development ot this study.

Last Published: Mar 15, 2018