Pediatric Pathology Fellowship

Program Description

Concordant with the guidelines of ACGME, this is a one year approved program. During the year the fellow will spend five months each at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital (tumor pathology and advanced molecular methods) and LeBonheur Children's Medical Center (general pediatric surgical and autopsy pathology and clinical pathology), and then a final two months in the central department for perinatal and placental pathology from The Regional Medical Center (Memphis City Hospital). During the entire year the fellow is on call to the Regional Forensic Center for cases of SIDS and other unexplained deaths in the pediatric age range when requested by the Medical Examiner of Shelby County. An elective activity (but not full service time) during the central UT rotation is to attend morning neonatal working rounds for a month. Schedule and cases permitting, the fellow will participate in autopsy investigation of maternal deaths.

At the conclusion of the year the fellow will have had direct instructional experience in the four principal realms of developmental and pediatric pathology:

  • placentology, reproductive (obstetrical) pathology, and perinatal pathology
  • pediatric surgical and autopsy pathology with emphasis on neoplastic disorders
  • pediatric clinical pathology and current molecular medicine, and
  • pediatric age forensic pathology, and be eligible to take at the next sitting, the subspecialty board.


Must have passed parts I, II, and III of USMLE and be fully board eligible or already certified for AP-CP. The requirement of the Board means the fellow will have become board certified in AP-CP during the year, if not prior to the start of the fellowship year. Active scholarship, including presentations at departmental Tuesday seminars, is encouraged.


If by email, attach a current resume and general statement of interest. Further particulars will be requested following receipt of the resume and statement. 


Dr. Jie Zhang, M.D.
Associate Professor

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