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Mahul Amin, MD will join the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine on January 1, 2017.

Dr. Amin's academic bio

UTHSC press release announcing Dr. Amin's selection

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Why did you come to UTHSC?

I am attracted to UTHSC as it is in an extraordinary transformational phase with strategic integration of local and regional health facilities, expansion in key programmatic areas including cancer, neurosciences and cardiovascular diseases, and a growing research environment. Advances in science, genomics, informatics and laboratory medicine also provide a once in a life time opportunity for the discipline of pathology which is also experiencing its' most exciting and transformative phase. It is a congruent, exciting and opportune time for the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine and me professionally to be in an environment that can make a lasting and strong impact on human health for citizens of Memphis and Tennessee.

What are your goals for the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine?

I have five high level goals:

  1. To build a department reputed at the institutional, regional, national and international levels for its excellence in clinical service, clinical and biomedical research, and medical school and graduate education.
  2. Provide subspecialized pathology services to institutional multidisciplinary teams thereby contributing to excellence in clinical care, research and outcomes across hospitals (Methodist University Hospital, Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital, West Clinic Pathology Group, Regional One Health) and affiliated Departments in UTHSC.
  3. Create a stimulating learning environment for the next generation of pathologists in training, graduate students, scientists and make UTHSC Pathology the place to be and train at.
  4. Develop synergy in the mission, vision and goals between the Pathology Department and UTHSC Academic Departments, Centers of Excellence, research programs and institutes.
  5. Advance the vision of Precision Diagnostics and thereby Precision Medicine by incorporating clinically relevant genomics and proteomics, bioinformatics, medical informatics and computational biology to enable UTHSC pioneered "precision/personalized" innovative diagnostic and treatment approaches.

What do you want to accomplish in the Department?

The Department of Pathology has all of the major components and constituents that are necessary to build a world-class clinically focused academic department. These include very talented pathologists in the various UTHSC hospitals and affiliated departments including St. Jude and the VA hospital, faculty involved in basic sciences research and extramural funding, and a strong graduate medical education program  with residents and fellows. Our residency program is large and offers a diverse spectrum of institutions, case and practice types and faculty.

I am very strongly committed to resident education and with the faculty will work to make this a preeminent program to train in Pathology. We are uniquely positioned to additionally actively contribute to develop a translational research program and help UTHSC in a system wide “Precision Medicine” initiative. The overarching goal is to create a big inclusive tent that brings together individuals with diverse strengths and professional backgrounds, differing primary responsibilities in clinical practice, education or research in different locations and work synergistically towards a shared vision of building a world class academic pathology department reputed for its excellence in clinical service, clinical and biomedical research, and graduate medical education. 

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