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The Research Division serves to assist residents, medical students, and faculty in initiating and carrying out scholarly activities, with particular emphasis on resident-led studies.

The Division is directed by Anthony Sheyn, MD, who is joined by John D. Boughter, PhD to promote and administer research projects and quality improvement activities for otolaryngology residents throughout their training.

Recent studies have been carried out in collaboration with Dr. Boughter in the Department of Anatomy and Neurobiology, Lawrence Pfeffer, PhD, of the CRB, members of the Department of Preventive Medicine, and others.

There are opportunities for translational, basic science, systems-based, and outcomes research, allowing residents to participate in scholarly activities from conception to publication. Please see individual faculty pages for active research interests.

collage of shots of residents, medical students, and faculty working on otolaryngology research
Top: Courtney Shires, MD, GME 2011 and John Boughter, PhD. R: Ryan Meacham, MD, GME 2014. L: Image from recent cadaver ultrasound study

Last Published: Nov 26, 2018