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Fulfilling Our Mission of Community Service

Dr. Willis Campbell’s Legacy of Community Healthcare

Caring for patients regardless of their financial situation has been an important part of Campbell’s mission since Dr. Willis Campbell opened his clinic in Memphis in 1909. He gave hope to crippled patients in the Memphis area who had no access to proper care, particularly children, and they came in great numbers for treatment.

In 1917, 24 ladies of the King’s Daughters of Calvary Episcopal Church went to Dr. Campbell to inquire about purchasing a wheelchair for a child. Instead, Dr. Campbell encouraged them to establish a hospital.

The Crippled Children’s Hospital opened its doors in 1919, and 35 patients were admitted the first year. The orthopaedic staff was largely supplied by Campbell Clinic. Although not an official organization at the time, the Mississippi crippled children’s clinic was a further outreach program started by Dr. Campbell, who frequently took the train to treat indigent patients there. One report says that he did surgery on a child’s hip on the family’s kitchen table. Dr. Campbell also often paid the train fare to bring indigent patients to Memphis for treatment.

After Dr. Campbell’s death in 1941, his partners Drs. Spencer Speed, Harold Boyd, J. F. Hamilton, and Hugh Smith decided to perpetuate his commitment to advancing orthopaedic medicine and providing care to children and adults in the community. They founded The Campbell Foundation in 1946 to continue the mission through outreach and specialty clinics in the Mid-South area.

An important part of the mission of The Campbell Foundation is community service, to provide orthopaedic care to patients who otherwise would not receive the specialized treatment they need.

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