Radiation Therapy Clinical Oncology Lectures

Weekly Resident Didactic Conference

Residents will lead a weekly one-hour didactic session, which will be attended by faculty.  Once monthly, this will be a journal club where new articles are presented.  The other weekly meetings will be presentations based on topics given on power point slide by the appointed resident.  The residents will rotate leading the conference to give everyone an opportunity to teach and present. 

Attending Lectures

At least once during each rotation (preferably monthly), the faculty in charge of the resident will lecture the resident on the disease site.  Format and schedule is determined by the attending.  Other residents can attend if logistically possible but is not required. 

The resident will receive instruction on 3D conformal radiation therapy, intensity modulated radiation therapy, image guided radiation therapy, stereotactic radiosurgery, stereotactic body radiation therapy, concurrent chemo radiotherapy, intraoperative radiation therapy, radio immunotherapy, unsealed sources, total body irradiation therapy as used in stem-cell transplantation, total skin radiation therapy, high- and low- dose brachytherapy and particle therapy.

Multi-Disciplinary Conferences

Residents on service will attend the multi-disciplinary conferences applicable to their rotation.  They will learn by observing the prospective decision making for patients and by hearing the use of scientific data in the conferences.

Bi-weekly Operations Meeting

Every other week residents will attend the operations meeting where they will participate in correcting systematic errors in our departmental organization and will work on practice improvement in this context. 

QA Rounds

Residents are required to attend 3/5 QA rounds weekly, which go from 8-8:30 AM.  This is a daily conference.  Each case for the day will be discussed and all curative treatment plans will be reviewed before the patient starts radiation.  The resident will have opportunities to present cases, and discuss all aspects of the patients’ treatment.

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