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Is there training available for Office 365?


Yes. Learn more about using Office 365 on the Ed Tech Microsoft Office 365 training page.

How do I create a departmental email account?


Please fill out this form and fax it in per the directions on the form.

Can retirees get access to Office 365 desktop application downloads?



If you are a retiree with Emeritus status you will get access.

How long can I keep my email account after I leave the university?


If you are a faculty or staff member who leaves the university system you have 90 days before your email account is removed from the UTHSC system. Students keep their account for a longer duration- one year from the Left UT date.
If you are a retiree who wishes to retain UTHSC email services you may submit a request to retain your UTHSC email indefinitely. Paperwork for this process can be obtained though the Retirement office a UTK. Their web page for forms is at (The form you're looking for is Email in Retirement)

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