Employee Relations

Our Mission

The primary purpose of Employee Relations is to protect the interests, rights, and privileges of exempt staff and non-exempt staff in all levels of university operations and programs. Through the Office of Equity and Diversity, Employee Relations is designated by the university to function as an impartial and neutral resource to assist members of the university community. Employee Relations provides information relating to university policies and procedures and facilitates the resolution of problems and complaints through informal investigation and mediation. The rights and interests of all parties to disputes are considered, with the aim to achieving fair outcomes.

Grievance Process Form

Any UTHSC staff can seek the advice of Employee Relations however our involvement does not replace or supercede other university grievances, complaint or appeal procedures. As a result, employees seeking relief through the formal grievance process must initiate this process through the Office of Equity and Diversity by filling out the grievance form.

This provides a method for the resolution of problems which may arise between the University and regular, staff non-exempt employees.

Grievance Hearing Panel

Would you like to be a grievance hearing panelist? The Office of Equity and Diversity is seeking a diverse pool of volunteers to serve on panels for the UTHSC Grievance Hearing Process. Panelists must be active regular full-time employees of the University of Tennessee Health Science Center and should possess the following characteristics:

  • Ability to be fair and objective in hearing others’ concerns
  • Ability to exercise sound judgment
  • Strong analytical and communication skills
  • Good standing with the university (disciplinary action, parking services, etc…)
  • Ability to maintain confidentiality and be discreet
  • Willingness to help resolve employee workplace issues
  • Willingness to learn new skills

For 33 years, the Grievance Hearing Process has been providing non exempt employees with a fair and equitable process to resolve employment concerns that have not been satisfactorily addressed through informal means. If selected for a case, panel members must be prepared to examine the relevant information, attend a hearing at which the parties involved present their issues, and make a recommendation for resolution that will be given to the Chancellor for the final decision.


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