Resident Research


Catherine Coffman, MD
Treatment of Recurrent Gynecological Malignancies with Radiofrequency Ablation
Sponsor: Todd Tillmanns, MD
Authors: Catherine Coffman, MD, Adam ElNaggar, MD, Abigail Tal­bot, MD, Caitlin Carr

April Miller, MD
Hemoglobin A1C values are not affected by hemoglobin level in dia­betic and non-diabetic pregnant women
Sponsor: Luis Gomez, MD
Authors: April Miller, MD, Danielle Tate, MD, Giancarlo Mari, MD, Luis Gomez, MD

 Uzma Naeem, MD
Sickle Cell Trait and Pregnancy Outcomes
Sponsor: Luis Gomez, MD
Authors: Luis Gomez, MD Uzma Naeem, MD, Danielle Tate, MD, Logan Williams, MS, Rebecca Uhlmann, MS

Fernand Samson, MD
17-Hydroxy-Progesterone does not reduce the risk of spontaneous preterm delivery in women with cervical insufficiency and history-indicated cerclage
Sponsor: Luis M. Gomez, MD
Authors: Fernand D. Samson, MD, Amanda L. Yacko, Luis M. Gomez, MD

Shanna Shumaker, MD
Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing: Is there usefulness beyond Fetal Aneuploidy?
Sponsor: Danielle Tate, MD
Authors: Shanna Shumaker, MD, Danielle Tate, MD

Robin Taylor, MD
Differences in Interpretation and Management of hard copy versus electronic fetal heart tracings
Sponsor: Jenny Q. Wang, MD
Authors: Robin M. Taylor, MD, Luis M. Gomez, MD, Jenny Q. Wang, MD

 Alicia Wright, MD
17-alpha-hydroxy-progesterone caproate does not impair glucose control in women with pre-gestational diabetes mellitus
Sponsor: Luis Gómez, MD
Authors: Alicia W. Wright, MD, Luis Gomez, MD, Amanda Yacko, BS, MPH, Fernand Samson, MD, Danielle Tate, MD Giancarlo Mari, MD, Luis M. Gómez, MD

 Arie Shaw, MD
Utility of antenatal testing in morbidly obese women without concurrent risk factors for stillbirth
Sponsor: Norman Meyer, MD
Authors: Norman Meyer, M. D., Arie Shaw, MD, Michael Ulm, MD, Lei Wang MS, Nhu Quynh T. Tran, PhD

Hemanth Veluswamy, MD
Utility of Magnetic Resonance Imaging in the Diagnosis of Fetal Anomalies Suspected on Ultrasound
Sponsor: Danielle Tate, MD
Authors: Hemanth Veluswamy, MD, Danielle Tate, MD, L. Meyers, BS, J. Copeland, BS


Danielle Anderson, MD
Single-blinded Temporal Prospective Study Using a Video-Assisted Training Module and an Instructional Manual Training Module
Sponsor: Todd Tillmanns, MD
Authors: Todd Tillmanns, MD, Danielle Anderson, MD, Joseph T. Santoso, MD

Steven Andrade, MD
Bleeding risk in women on anticoagulants while undergoing minor gynecologic procedures
Sponsor: Joseph T. Santoso, MD
Authors: Joseph T. Santoso, MD, Steven A. Andrade, MD, Jim Y. Wan, PhD

 Linda Brogdon, MD, EdM
Screening for Preeclampsia Using Aneuploidy Screening Methodology
Sponsor: Mauro Schenone, MD
Author: Linda Brogdon, MD

Sheetal Dedania, MD
Weight loss counseling in patients with uterine cancer 2-1-14
Sponsor: Joseph T. Santoso, MD
Authors: Joseph T. Santoso, MD, Sheetal Dedania, MD, Lauren DeSain

 Jeshenna Johnson, MD
Factors contributing to Obstetrics and Gynecology resident research publications
Sponsor: Joseph T. Santoso, MD
Authors: Watkins JJ, MD, Joseph T. Santoso, MD, Lei Wang, Mehmet Kocak

 KyungHee Kim, DO, MA
Prevalence of and factors contributing to missing lymph tissue in uterine cancer staging surgery
Sponsor: Joseph T. Santoso, MD
Authors: Joseph T. Santoso, MD, KyungHee Kim, MD, Jim Y. Wan, PhD

 Shelby Osborne, DO
GnRH-Analogues for Ovarian Protection in Childhood Cancer Patients: How Adult Hypotheses are Potentially Relevant in Prepubertal Females
Sponsor: Laura Detti, MD
Authors: Laura Detti, MD, Shelby Osborne, DO

Michael Ulm, MD, MS
Positioning Injury in Robotic Gynecologic Surgery
Sponsor: Joseph T. Santoso, MD
Authors: Michael A. Ulm, MD, MS, Jim Y. Wan, PhD, Brian W. Jen­nings, MD, Joseph T. Santoso, MD

 Landon Williams, MD, MBA
Uncontrolled Diabetes in Pregnancy: How optimal timing of delivery affects perina­tal mortality and neonatal outcomes
Sponsor: Giancarlo Mari, MD
Authors: Giancarlo Mari, MD, Reddy Dhanireddy, MD, Jacques Samson, MD, Landon Williams, MD

 Edmundo Yibirin, MD
Termination of the Patient-Physician Relationship: Incidence and Contributing Factors
Sponsor: Joseph T. Santoso, MD
Authors: Joseph T. Santoso, MD, Edmundo Yibirin, MD, Mary Crigger BSN, OCN, Jim Wan, PhD, Adam C. ElNaggar, MD


James Duerkes, DO
Maternal weight and its role on the success of 17-hydroxyprogesterone caproate
Sponsor: Owen Phillips, MD
Authors: Duerkes JA, Phillips OP, Empting RL

 Alex Eaccarino, DO
Is there value in a dedicated healthcare team to manage ectopic pregnancies?
Sponsor: Venessa Givens, MD
Authors: Eaccarino AE, Givens VM, Shier JM, Meyer NL, Thorpe EM, Patel N.

Adam ElNaggar, MD
Keratosis Reduces Sensitivity of Anal Cytology in Detecting Anal Intraepithelial Neoplasia
Sponsor: Joseph T. Santoso, MD
Authors: Adam C. ElNaggar, MD, Joseph T. Santoso, MD, Huiwen Bill Xie, MD

Mendy Mack, MD
Magnesium sulfate in Preeclampsia and its effect on labor outcomes in nulliparous and multiparous patients
Sponsor: Victor Feldbaum, MD
Authors: Mendy Mack, MD and Victor Feldbaum, MD

 Monique Modest-McKoy, MD
The Six-Week Postpartum Visit: Why Women Return
Sponsor: Owen Phillips, MD
Authors: Modest-McKoy, Monique MD, Phillips, Owen, MD

Lin Ota, MD
Can Endometrial Thickness Measurement Predict Intra-procedural Parameters Outcome During Office Essure Procedure?
Sponsor: Ahmad Azari, MD
Authors: Lin Ota, Ahmad Azari, Jim Wan and Osama El Saccar

 Audrey Page, MD
Are First Trimester Pregnancies Smaller than Ex­pected After Thawed Embryo Transfer?
Sponsor: Raymond W. Ke, MD
Authors: Audrey M. Page, MD, Kristin Hertler, MD, Raymond W. Ke, MD, Wil­liam Kutteh, MD

Aela Paiz, DO
A Retrospective Study to Compare Quality of Life in Patients Surgically Treated by Total Abdominal Hysterectomy verses Robotic Assisted Hysterectomy for Early Stage Endometrial Cancer
Sponsor: Todd Tillmanns, MD
Authors: A. Paiz DO, S. Kumar MD, J. Santoso MD, T. Tillmanns MD

Stephanie Pierce, MD
Risk Factors for Anal Intraepithelial Neoplasia in Women Undergoing Colposcopy
Sponsor: Lynda Gioia-Flynt, MD
Authors: Stephanie R. Pierce, MD; Lynda Gioia-Flynt, MD; Wendy Likes, PhD, DNSc, APRN-Bc

 Kamala Thanapandian, MD
High Grade Cervical Dysplasia and High Risk Human Papillomavirus Prevalence after Excisional Treatment in Women Infected with HIV as Compared to Immunocompetent Women
Sponsor: Lynda Gioia-Flynt, MD
Authors: Kamala Thanapandian, MD

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