Student Clerkship Rotations & Responsibilities

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I. Call

  1. Call is on the Day/Night float system. Students are assigned to one of 4 teams (A, B, C, or D). One team is on call (7:30 AM to 6:00 PM) Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, and (6:30 AM to 6:00 PM on Tuesday). One team is on call Monday (6:00 PM to 6:30 AM) and (6:00 PM to 7:30 AM) on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. The third team is on call (7:30 AM Saturday to 7:30 AM Sunday). Students decide among themselves who will work the day shift and who will work the night shift. The fourth team is on call Sunday (7:30 A.M. Sunday to 7:30 AM Monday). Again, Students decide among themselves who will work the day shift and who will work the night shift.
    There is no sleeping on call. You must complete your pre-call and post-call duties. The on call night team does not have to stay for Turnover at 7:30 AM or 6:30 AM (Tuesday) unless requested to do so by their Resident.
  2. Introduce yourself to each of your Residents and Attendings. There will be Residents specifically assigned to each of the four call teams. The Attendings will change from day to day.
  3. On call, you will be stationed in the Labor & Delivery area which includes the triage area called Evaluations (EVAL). This is an Emergency Room for pregnant patients. Your Responsibilities here include:
    1. Assessing patients when they arrive and then checking out to the Resident in EVAL. Because you are the first “physician-type” person to assess a patient, let your Resident know immediately if you believe a patient is unstable or needs immediate attention. Be ready to present your patient to the Resident or Attending.
    2. Students will be assigned to follow patients who are in labor. All efforts should be made by the assigned Student(s) to be present for the delivery.
    3. Attend and assist on Ob surgery. This includes a wide variety of cases, including Cesarean sections and tubal ligations. This should be planned in advance with your team of Residents.
      • You must attend scheduled lectures and Grand Rounds unless you are post-call.
      • If you leave the L&D suite, let your Resident know.
      • During call, keep a list of your patients. Any patient who is delivered on your call belongs to your service.

II. Post Call

  1. After Turnover rounds, you should complete your floor rounds. During call, you can see floor patients if it is not busy in L&D in the early morning. This will ensure that your post-call work is completed sooner and that your departure time is earlier.
  2. You are expected to assist on circumcisions. Ask your Residents when to meet in the nursery.
  3. Check out with your Resident. Compare your rounding lists and make plans for the next morning.
  4. When all the AM work is complete, you may leave. Please drive safely.

III. Morning Duties

  1. No matter if you are on call or if it is a weekday or weekend, you must round on all your patients. You are expected to have your work completed and to be on time for formal and informal rounds. Check with your Resident as to the start time.
  2. Arrive early enough to see all your patients and to have your notes written prior to the arrival of the Resident. Refer to progress note templates for correct format.
  3. After Turnover rounds, check in with your Residents, report to call, clinic, lecture or home, depending on your assignment.
  4. You may rotate rounding duties among your immediate team, especially on weekends, if the census is low and if your Residents approve your plan. However, if patients are missed, or rounding is not completed in a timely fashion, this privilege will be removed.
  5. Prior to leaving, check out with your Resident or the cross-cover Resident and make sure that no additional help is needed.

IV. Clinic

  1. You should be in clinic each weekday morning and afternoon that you are not on call or post-call.
  2. You will be assigned to clinics at the MedPlex (880 Madison). These include: NST (non-stress test), USG (ultrasound), COCC (Continuity of Care), Ob, Gyn, or faculty private office. Again, be flexible with the assignments. If assigned to USG, but help is needed in NST, please go help. The goal is to get all the work done together and to get a wide range of educational opportunities. You may also e assigned to the Center for High Risk Pregnancies (6215 Humphreys Blvd, Suite 201).
  3. You should see patients when they arrive, take a history, perform a basic and relevant physical exam. Do not perform a breast or pelvic exam without a physician present. Check your patients out with the Resident or the Attending.

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