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Presentation Instructions/Samples

Purpose: Provide each student the opportunity to:

  1. Research a specific topic related to patients seen during the clerkship
  2. Topic reflects APGO objectives
  3. Become familiar with PowerPoint presentations.

Timing: Presentations should last between 15-20 minutes.


  1. Title: reflects the disease process/aspect of condition, etc. e.g. “PID- bacteriology” or “Diabetes in Pregnancy- intrapartum management.”
  2. Format: include student name, months and year of the clerkship, brief case presentation, the APGO Objective related to the topic, a discussion, and 3-5 references.
  3. Discussion: should be rich enough to “educate” classmates about clinically-relevant aspects of the topic.
  4. References: can be textbooks, original articles, ACOG materials, reputable websites, etc.

Sample Presentations

Last Published: Oct 16, 2018