Interprofessional Education (IPE)

Interprofessional Education

Project Description

Positive patient outcomes are the goal of healthcare providers and evidence suggests working in interprofessional teams helps improve patient outcomes.  Clinicians, however, are more comfortable in working in professional silos. Interprofessional Education educates future clinicians in evidencebased, comprehensive health care approach for diverse patient populations. The Integration of Technology into Interprofessional Education project brings together students from Nursing, Dentistry, and Dental Hygiene and educates them in interprofessional approaches through common modalities. Each spring 10 students from the 3 disciplines are chosen, by faculty members, to participate in the course. They are then assigned to teams of 3. Students are issued iPad minis to use during their clinical rotations and are encouraged to use them for such things as patient
education, resource reference, and charting.

The course begins with a day-long orientation which includes pre-brief, team-based learning, simulation events using standardized patients, and debrief. This orientation exposes students to the expectation of the course as well as allows the team members to meet. After the orientation, focused didactic and clinical approaches with various integrated technology methods are used to engage the students throughout the term. Students complete the nationally recognized oral health curriculum, Smiles for Life, along with other activities such as Discussion Board and reflective activities, using the Blackboard platform. Students also rotate through 3 healthcare facilities: a primary care, dental and dental hygiene sites. The culminating activity of the course is the end of course conference, which features 3 nationally known speakers representing each of the three disciplines.

Meet the Project Team

Dr. Pam Connor -Evaluator
Dr. Margaret Hartig – Course Coordinator
Dr. Cassandra Holder-Ballard – Course Faculty
Dr. Timothy Hottel – Administration Liaison
Dr. Cesar Migliorati –Course Faculty/Clinical
Ms. Teresa Britt –Simulation Director
Ms. Stacy Emerson – Clinical Instructor
Ms. Christy Lewis – Clinical Instructor

Program Goals:

  1. Advance IPE opportunities and to integrate technology into IPE for advanced nursing education, dental hygiene, and dental students through shared clinical and technology-enhanced learning experience;
  2. Strengthen the health workforce;
  3. Build healthy communities; and
  4. Improve health equity

Clinical Sites

  • UTHSC-Dunn Dental Lab
  • Urban Smiles School based dental practice
  • Complete Health Care

This project is supported by funds from the Division of Nursing (DN), Bureau of Health Professions (BHPR), Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) under D09HP25035, Advanced Nursing Education Grants, $1,110,513 (09/01/2012 – 06/30/2015)

Interprofessional Education
Contact Information

Trimika L. Bowdre, MPH, PhD
HRSA Program Grant Coordinator
920 Madison, #961
Memphis, TN 38163

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