This site is designed to provide a wealth of resources for fledgling to advanced scholarly nurse writers. There are many aids, instructions, links, and examples to guide you to the tools or resources you need to be effective and even excel at writing tasks.

Three Assumptions

  1. Writing skills must be learned and practiced. Scholars are expected to have effective writing skills—and the expectation is a requirement, not a ‘nice to have’ skill. This site will guide you to the resources and tools you need to effectively communicate within your scholarly community.
  2. Scholarly writing is technical writing. It is systematic and formal, which means the wheel has been built, and you don’t have to have an encyclopedic knowledge of the rules. You need a map to guide you to the resources and tools you must apply to write, and instructions on how to use those resources.
  3. Many writers actually have weak writing skills; others may believe that they do. Writing is not an innate gift bestowed on the few. Writing is a skill that one learns by practice. There are aids to help you strengthen your effectiveness at writing tasks.

The Map

  • The primary skill a writer must start with is the ability to use technical tools—a Word processor and other such software—in order to develop content.
  • Following that, your expertise in developing content will ascend through a number of areas: basic writing skills, scholarly style, publishing standards, writing and publishing processes, electronic submission of manuscripts or grant applications, etc.

The Writing Resources bar to the right moves you to resources, tips, guidelines, and instructions to help you in a variety of topic areas. Please explore. If you have a resource to contribute, please email the College of Nursing. You will find:

  • Bibliographies of resources on a topic
  • Links to established sites to help you with tasks
  • Instruction sets that will step you through specific functions (especially for technical skills)
  • Exemplar documents that serve as models (including an APA 6th manuscript template)


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