Annual Reports

The Annual Report includes updates about the Administrative, Academic, Community Outreach, Practice, and Research Programs Areas in the College of Nursing. For each academic year, the publication highlights various accomplishments, provides valuable information, and includes statistics pertinent to each area. It also provides details about student and faculty publications, presentations, and leadership positions. The annual report includes some noteworthy stories about faculty, staff, students, and alumni and activities within the College of Nursing.

Current Report

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Fall 2015

Fall 2014 

Fall 2013

  • Pediatric and Neonatal Options
  • Melody Waller Chosen as Future Fall 2013 Minority Nurse Faculty Scholar
  • UTHSC Student Ansley Stanfill Receives Award for Genetic Differences Research
  • Health Care Challenge 2013

Winter 2012

  • UTHSC Breaks Ground on Translational Science Building
  • Organ Procurement – Where Does UTHSC Stand?
  • Dr. Peg Hartig Accepts New Position in Academic Affairs
  • Golden Graduates
  • Alumni Award Winners
  • Graduation 2012
  • Faculty Activities

Fall 2011

  • A Centennial to Remember
  • Data Report
  • Golden Graduates
  • Alumni Award Winners
  • Graduation 2011
  • Faculty Activities
  • NIH Funding, Grants, and Publications
  • From Good to Great: The Quest to Conduct Transformative Research and Scholarship

Fall 2010

  • Schwab Named Chancellor
  • Two UTHSC Nurses to be Inducted into Academy
  • Data Report
  • Golden Graduates
  • Alumni Award Winners
  • Distinguished Visiting Professors
  • Graduation 2010
  • Faculty Activities

Fall 2009

  • Wall Steps Down as Chancellor
  • Faculty Receive Nearly $3.5 Million in Grants
  • Data Report
  • Golden Graduates
  • Alumni Award Winners
  • Development: A Legacy of a Daughter’s Smile and Songs
  • Scholarships Funded for Second Year
  • Graduation 2009
  • 2009 Student Awards
  • Faculty Activities

Fall 2008

  • Feature Story: A New World of Health Care
  • The Listen Project
  • Disaster Drill Tests Preparedness
  • Golden Graduates
  • Distinguished Visiting Professors
  • Graduation 2008, Student Awards, Student Organizations
  • Faculty Activities
  • Government and Private Funding

October 2008

  • College Growth
  • Student Data
  • Professional Entry Program
  • NCLEX and Certification Pass Rates
  • Faculty
  • Scholarships
  • Gifts to the College

Fall 2007

  • News:‘Expect More’ from Clinical Nurse Leaders
  • Feature: Pioneering the Future of Nursing
  • Alumni: Golden Grads from the Class of 1957
  • Development: Donors and Distinguished Visiting Professors
  • Students: Awards
  • Faculty: Activities and Government and Private Funding


  • Feature story:  Using Simulation Techniques in New Patient Safety Training Program
  • College of Nursing Research on a Roll
  • Nursing Accreditation Team Praises College and Curriculum
  • College of Nursing Awarded a $1.1 Million Grant
  • Development and Alumni: Donor Information, Distinguished Visiting Professorships, and Awards
  • Scholarships, Student Awards, and Graduates
  • Faculty Activities


  • Feature Stories: Innovative Practice at the College of Nursing
  • LifeDoc Targets Minorities
  • Bringing Online Training to Life
  • Keeping the Friendly Skies Healthy
  • Development and Alumni: Donor Information, Distinguished Visiting Professorships, and Awards
  • Scholarships, Student Awards and Graduates
  • Faculty Activities


  • Cashdollar Endowment Improves End-of-Life Care
  • Distinguished Visiting Professors
  • Alumni Affairs and Development Messages
  • UTHSC and Methodist Partner to Re-establish BSN
  • Continuing Ed News
  • Freedom and Scholarships Help Student Pursue Her Dream
  • Scholarship News, Student Awards and Graduates
  • Faculty Activities


  • Virginia Trotter Betts Named New State Commissioner
  • Dr. Susan Patton Leads Effort to Establish Forensic Nursing Degree
  • Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow: Educational Innovations in the UTHSC College of Nursing Make a Difference in People's Lives
  • Staff Nurses and Neonatal Nurse Practitioners Provide High-tech Care at The MED's Newborn Center
  • Drs. Cowan and Velasquez Help Kids Fight Obesity


  • Irma Jordan Active on Alumni Board
  • CON Dean Named Robert Wood Johnson Executive Nurse Fellow
  • Academic Program Focus: Nurse Anesthesia Option
  • Online Pioneer Fights Faculty Shortage with Internet Classes
  • University Health Services Report
  • Two College of Nursing Faculty Offer Expertise at UT Family Practice Site
  • Research Study Evaluates Grandparents' Health


  • Our College and the Nursing Shortage
  • DNSc Public Health Nursing Track
  • Virtual Clinic Software Has Virtually Endless Possibilities
  • Dr. Carol Thompson Thriving at VA
  • The HELP Center Miracle

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