History of the Neuroscience Institute

Much of the recent progress in neuroscience can be attributed to the multidisciplinary effort now being used to understand brain function and its disorders. This approach combines methods from several disciplines — from molecular biology and biochemistry to neurophysiology and behavior — in order to determine the mechanisms of neural function. Major breakthroughs of the future will undoubtedly come from this interdisciplinary approach and will lead to new and effective treatments for nervous system disorders and developmental abnormalities.

In 1985, leaders of The University of Tennessee created a multidisciplinary program in neuroscience. The program brings together over 90 neuroscience related faculty from thirteen basic science and clinical departments within the College of Medicine. The interdepartmental nature of the program provides the multidisciplinary environment necessary for quality neuroscience research and training.

In recognition of this quality, the State of Tennessee established the Neuroscience Center of Excellence. The Center has been selected by the governor and legislature to receive special funding from the Tennessee Higher Education Commission. The Neuroscience Center of Excellence award supports graduate and postdoctoral student training, renovates laboratory facilities, purchases research equipment, and recruits additional neuroscience faculty.

The program has grown rapidly in numbers of faculty and students, research space and equipment, and external funding. The Neuroscience Institute is now one of the largest concentrated neuroscience programs in the country and has achieved an international reputation as a preeminent center for neuroscience in the United States.

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