Brain Awareness Week - March 2014

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Brain Development and Success in School and Life: 
Can Intervention Recover Missed Opportunities?

  • Dr. Clancy Blair, PhD, Professor of Applied Psychology, New York University
  • Dr. Nathan Fox, PhD, Distinguished University Professor of Human Development and Quantitative Methodology, University of Maryland
  • Moderator: Professor William Armstrong, PhD, Director, Neuroscience Institute
  • Organized by: Paul Herron, PhD, Anatomy and Neurobiology

The Neuroscience Institute (NI) in collaboration with the Urban Child Institute hosted their annual Brain Awareness Night on March 20 at the Urban Child Institute, with talks centering on early how experiences over the first years of life shape the way the brain manages complex thinking skills important for learning and controlling behavior and emotions. Dr. Clancy Blair opened the symposium with a talk about how the brain's capacity for managing complex skills, executive function, is developed and the roles both positive and negative experiences play. Dr. Nathan Fox spoke about the lasting effects of early psychosocial deprivations and whether interventions can ameliorate these deficits as well as whether there is an optimal period of time for intervention. As always, the event was open to the public and included UTHSC faculty, staff and students. 

It was at The Urban Child Institute on Thursday, March 20th from 5:00-8:00.

Brain Awareness Week

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