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Clean Access - Compliance Questions

What happens when a new patch or updates are available?

As new critical Microsoft updates become available, the security compliance requirements will be updated to reflect the new patches. It is a mandatory requirement for all users to keep their Operating System patches up to date. If a vulnerability is reported or the threat of a virus storm or worm attack emerges, we could add another compliance check (in addition to existing security checks) in reaction to the threat.

How Does Authentication Work for Linux and Unix Users?

Linux and Unix users must authenticate by logging in via a web page. The only compliance check (performed in the background) for Linux and Unix users is proper NetID and password. There is no client needed for Linux and Unix systems. However, all users must accept Network Policy Agreement before signing in.

How Does Validation Work for Microsoft Users?

All Microsoft Windows computers are required to install the Clean Access Agent client software to connect to the university network. You will also be required to install Microsoft critical OS patches and updates, must be running supported anti-virus software with latest virus definitions.

How Long Does the Validation Checks Take?

In general, the checks take between 10 and 20 seconds.

What Validation Checks are Being Performed?

Users machines are required to meet the following criteria:

  • Have the current Windows Operating System Critical Updates & Hot Fixes
  • Have turned on Automatic Updates feature for Microsoft Windows on the machine
  • Have supported Anti-virus software running
  • Have latest virus definitions for the anti-virus software

How Does Validation Work?

The validation solution will "intercept" any Internet browser access and redirect the user to a web page that instructs the user to download and install the validation client known as "Clean Access Agent". This will happen only if you do not have the client installed on your machine already. Once launched, the client downloads the validation rules and processes these. If the workstation fails the test, it is allowed Internet access only to the remediation sites for 20 minutes.

What is validation?

The process of confirming that certain security measures are in place on your computer.

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