Customer Technology Support

The Customer Technology Support division provides desktop software support, training, thin client services, helpdesk services, and computer lab facilities for the students, faculty and staff at the UTHSC campus.

Desktop Software & Hardware Support

Software and hardware support includes but is not limited to: computer hardware and peripherals, software, network services, security, printer support, anti-virus, computing assessments, as well as troubleshooting technical computing problems.

UTHSC Helpdesk

The HelpDesk is a focal point for computing needs for students, faculty and staff. Customer Technology Support’s goal is to provide users with up-to-date information on technical problems in a courteous and efficient manner. Users can either call or come by the HelpDesk for assistance.

Computing and Teaching & Testing Labs

ITS has two computer labs located in the GEB and one in the Student Alumni Center (SAC). The labs located in the SAC and in B110 of the GEB are 24-hour open access labs for students.

For your protection the labs have 24-hour camera surveillance. Other services provided include printing, temporary file storage, and Internet capabilities.

ITS has two computer labs in B107 and C109 of the GEB that are available for faculty and staff. B107 houses 50 Intel machines and an electronic whiteboard with audiovisual capabilities as well as 24-hour camera surveillance. C109 of the GEB houses 99 Intel machines and is primarily used as a computerized testing facility. It does not currently have audiovisual capabilities so is not recommended as a teaching lab at the present time. Please contact Julie Sutch to schedule either of these rooms via the GEB room scheduling system.

How can I check the availability of the GEB B107 and C109 labs?

You can view a web calendar listing current reservations in GEB B107 and C109 computer labs. You will have to enter your UTHSC e-mail username and password to view the calendar.

To reserve B107 or C109 GEB labs, please contact Julie Sutch to schedule either of these rooms via the GEB room scheduling system.


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