Xythos: Secure File Sharing

Xythos is content management software that allows you to place files in a central location so they can be accessed via the internet. You can upload, access, and share files from anywhere with any computer that is connected to the internet. With a Xythos account you can share your files and folders with anyone at UTHSC or outside of the college.

Xythos offers:

  • An alternative secure way of sharing files without the use of e-mail attachments
  • Ease of access from anywhere
  • A browser-based, OS-Independent web interface
  • Flexible, user defined shares to anyone on and off campus
  • Secure file transfers

How do I get a Xythos account?

All UTHSC students, faculty or staff with a valid and active NetID have access to use Xythos.

Xythos Support Team

Tonya Brown
Phone: (901) 448-5902
Email: appsupport@uthsc.edu

SysDev Support Matrix

Usage Disclaimer

By using the UTHSC Xythos application you agree that you will not violate UTHSC's policies and procedures related to the Use of Information Technology Resources, Intellectual Property, Copyright, HIPAA, and FERPA.