UT Vault Registration

Students, faculty and staff at all of our University of Tennessee system institutions are automatically registered for UT Vault when services are provisioned.  No sign-up or registration is necessary.  In addition, access is not limited to UT users, however, external users must register.  Messages can be sent to and received from external email accounts, making this an effective tool for collaboration and for communicating with incoming students and employees.

If you are sending files to non-UT affiliates, those users must first register for a UT Vault account prior to being able to open your Vault messages. Any University of Tennessee users from any of our UT institutions who have been assigned a NetID already have access to the UT Vault and do not need to register for an account. Registration is required only for those external to our UT system that do not have a UT NetID assigned to them.

When you are planning to send messages to individuals external to the University of Tennessee system, we recommend communicating with those individuals ahead of time about your intentions. As part of your preemptive communication, share with them the registration requirement for UT Vault. Encourage them to go ahead and register for their Vault account sooner rather than later so that once they receive their first message from you, their account is already setup and they can immediately login to UT Vault to receive the files and information you have shared with them.

External UT people must use the UT Vault External User Registration form to complete their account setup. Registration requires those non-UT-affiliated users to associate a non-UT email address to their Vault registration. This is the address they will be able to use to send and receive Vault messages to and from you and other UT-affiliated users.

UTHSC Vault Contacts

Tonya Brown
Phone: (901) 448-5902
Email: appsupport@uthsc.edu
Application Support Matrix