FileMaker Pro

FileMaker Pro is a cross-platform relational database application. It integrates a database engine with a graphical user interface (GUI) and security features, allowing users to modify the database by dragging new elements into layouts, screens, or forms.

Start Quickly
Choose from a variety of professionally designed Starter Solutions to manage contacts, inventory, projects, invoices, assets, and more.

Import Existing Data
Bring your existing data into FileMaker Pro, including .CSV, Tab, XML, ODBC, and Microsoft Excel files.

Customize With Ease
Use flexible design tools to make your layouts look and work just the way you want, all without programming.

Get Built-in Reporting Tools
Easy-to-use reporting and charting tools make it easy to make summary reports, colorful charts, and executive dashboards with a few clicks. Save your information in popular Excel and PDF formats.

Accessing FileMaker Pro

FileMaker Pro requires custom installation and setup by a professional UTHSC ITS technician. UTHSC's volume licensing agreement with FileMaker Pro's vendor requires that the application only be installed on UTHSC-owned computers.

Users may call the Help Desk (901-448-2222) if they are interested in having it installed on their UTHSC-owned computer or laptop.

FileMaker Pro Training

Training for FileMaker Pro is available upon request. The Information Technology Services department offers face-to-face group sessions, one-on-one sessions, and self-paced online training options. Contact your File Maker Pro support team to request and schedule training.

Do I need a spreadsheet or a FileMaker Pro database?

While spreadsheets and databases both handle and manipulate data, there are times when one works better than the other. Below are guidelines for determining which best meets your need:

 fmp vs excel

Sometimes you need an expert ...

If your data-management needs are more complicated than what you are able to develop OR maintain on your own (i.e., lots of data, need for a web interface, lack of expertise, etc.), then please submit an IT project request and let our systems analysts develop and build a custom database application for you. This solution will take more time than going the DIY route, but you'll be guaranteed a solution that is tailored to your needs and expertly maintained and supported throughout its lifecycle.

Contact IT if...
• Your data is sensitive or contains HIPAA, FERPA, PHI, or PII
• You require data from another application, such as Banner or IRIS
• You would like to send data to another application, such as Banner or IRIS
• Your database is complex or requires extensive reporting
• Your data needs to be viewed or shared by someone outside your department or by more than 15 individuals
• You want a web front-end for data entry or reporting
• You are looking for a long-term, supported solution

System Requirements

System Requirements for FileMaker Pro 14

*Please note that OS X Mountain Lion 10.8 and OS X Lion 10.7 are no longer supported. Your operating system will need to be updated before installing FileMaker Pro 14.

Operating System*

Windows 8.1 Standard and Windows 8.1 Pro
Windows 8 Standard and Windows 8 Pro
Windows 7 (SP1) Ultimate, Professional, Home Premium
OS X Yosemite 10.10
OS X Mavericks 10.9

*Versions stated are the minimum requirements. FileMaker Pro may also work with later operating systems certified by FileMaker, Inc. Operating systems not listed in the table above have not been tested and are not supported.

UTHSC FileMaker Pro Contacts

Tonya Brown
Phone: (901) 448-5902

FileMaker Pro Overview