Systems Development

Systems Development enables UTHSC to achieve its strategic goals through the use of technology by focusing on developing, implementing, maintaining and supporting applications and business productivity tools.

Systems Development Teams

Business Analysts

Our Business Analysts (BAs) partner with the Project Management Office (PMO) to:

  • Develop relationships with our campus customers to assist in the project request process
  • Facilitate meetings
  • Document current processes
  • Listen and understand a customer’s wants and needs
  • Gather voice of the customer
  • Identify functionality of a future system
  • Document user requirements
  • With the project team, research possible solutions and help determine the very best tool for the job, whether it be an existing UTHSC application, a third-party application, or an application custom developed by our staff
  • Document vision of future process
  • Be the liaison between the customer and the technical team
  • Provide training to customers on new applications
  • Support applications, post-implementation

Front-End Development

Front-End Development is the division of ITS that is responsible for implementing the UTHSC design into any custom built applications and third-party solutions used on campus.

Some of our applications and tools are:

  • PHP, HTML, CSS, SCSS, JavaScript
  • implementing OU Campus templates
  • administration of WordPress sites
  • making sure UTHSC web templates are W3C standard-compliant

Back-End Development

Our Back-End Development Team is responsible for developing, implementing, maintaining and supporting applications for the campus.

Our applications and tools range from:

  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) tools, such as our Banner (the student information system) and Nolij (the document management tool)
  • Legacy applications (developed internally to meet specific needs).
  • Third-Party Software packages that may utilize data from our systems of record (Banner and IRIS/SAP) or stand-alone.

Application Support

Our Application Support Team promotes the integration of technology to improve business productivity across the campus through the use of a wide variety of software tools and applications.

We offer:

  • classroom training
  • individual consultations
  • self-paced learning modules
  • written documentation.

To learn more about the technology we support, visit our SysDev Application Support Matrix.

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