Vision, Mission, and Goals and Objectives


The PMO's vision is to satisfy our customers every time.


The PMO's mission is to facilitate the delivery of the value promised to our customers in support of the university's strategic vision.

Goals and Objectives

  • Ensure the ITS project portfolio aligns with the university's strategic objectives
    • Assist in development and articulation of ITS's technology strategy
    • Establish and facilitate strategic project selection
    • Demonstrate the value of the university's IT investment
  • Provide transparency for IT decision-making, planning, and work
    • Provide regular updates and reports on the ITS project portfolio
    • Maintain and publish a master IT projects list
    • Act as a liaison between ITS and our customers
  • Employ a standard methodology for managing projects
    • Follow a standard, lightweight project management life cycle (PMLC)
    • Use appropriate and meaningful metrics to quantify ITS efforts and predict outcomes
    • Implement and maintain PPM processes, tools, and templates
    • Apply the right amount of management for each project
  • Serve as ITS's authority on PPM best practices
    • Set the standard and be the resident advocate and model for effective project management
    • Provide project management training and educational materials
    • Provide oversight to those acting in project management roles within ITS
  • Deliver successful IT projects
    • Manage or oversee the management of projects
    • Ensure comprehensive stakeholder engagement
    • Regularly monitor and measure ongoing projects
    • Identify and correct at-risk or under-performing projects

Contact Us

The PMO Team

Vikki M. Massey, PMP, MS, MA
(901) 448-8040

Chris Madeksho
Project Coordinator
Information Security
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ConnieĀ Sutton
Business Analyst
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Shawn Bryan
Business Analyst
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