Advanced network firewalls (Palo Alto) Information Technology Services January 2015 Increases network security by blocking threats
Tax form (1098-T) processing in Banner Bursar’s Office January 2015 Provides students with a more convenient and efficient way to access tax documents
50-mile radius tuition discount application Bursar’s Office February 2015 Reduces the manual overhead associated with the current method of determining and processing discounts for students who live outside Tennessee but within 50 miles of Memphis
Web content management system upgrade (OU Campus) Information Technology Services February 2015 Increases the accuracy of web content and the productivity of the Web Services team by distributing web content editing duties to content owners
Fitness Center management software implementation Campus Recreation March 2015 Increases efficiency by reducing current manual processes for many aspects of recreation management (ex., patron check-in)
UTHSC website redesign: Phase I Chancellor March 2015 Modernizes the UTHSC website to meet or exceed standards set by other medical colleges and universities as well as the expectations of incoming students (NOTE: Project output will be a proposed home page redesign and supporting page templates, not the actual redesign itself)
AxiUm 6 upgrade College of Dentistry June 2015 Updates Dentistry’s electronic health record system to latest version (v6) to facilitate ICD10 compliance and enhance functionality
MiPACS image system implementation College of Dentistry July 2015 Replaces current picture archiving communication system in hopes of providing enhanced dental image quality and patient care
Windows 2003 Server operating system retirement Information Technology Services July 2015 Maintains data and systems security by removing an operating system that Microsoft will stop supporting in July 2015
Employee relations management system (HR Acuity) implementation Human Resources October 2015 Enables consistent documentation of employee issues, a structured process for workplace investigation, and immediate search and reporting
Library website update: Phase I Library October 2015 Increases website security by moving site to new server and updated WordPress software
Security information and event management system (LogRhythm) Information Technology Services October 2015 Increases the security of UTHSC data and computing resources and facilitates compliance to a number of regulations (ex., HIPAA)
Union City, TN, dental clinic IT setup College of Dentistry October 2015 Expands college's clinical reach
Anatomical Bequest Program application upgrade Anatomical Bequest Program November 2015 Secures the program's data by upgrading the application used to track bequests to a supported software version
UT Medical Group email migration College of Medicine November 2015 Reduces UTMG's IT operational costs
Banner: Workflows (Top 5 issues) Student Affairs & Enrollment Services December 2015 Uses the Banner Workflow tool to improve efficiency and communication with students, colleges, faculty, staff, alumni, and prospective students; automate work processes; and increase data security and integrity
Blackboard cleanup and Banner integration (formerly two separate projects: Blackboard-Banner integration and Blackboard server migration to vendor) Information Technology Services December 2015 Improves server and system performance and reliability; reduces unexpected downtime; reduces manual administration of Blackboard system and increases data integrity by automating user account creation, course creation, and course enrollment

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