Project Management Life Cycle (PMLC)

PMLC Stages Project Life Cycle Stages Project Life Cycle Stages Project Life Cycle Stages Project Life Cycle Stages Project Life Cycle Stages

The PMLC is a series of phases that a project passes through from identification to closeout. Below are the action items associated with each phase as well as the major outputs. The PMO will utilize this life cycle for each project.


Action Items Major Output
  • Receive project requests
  • Score and categorize requests
  • Determine project type
  • Estimate start date

Prioritization score and category


Action Items Major Output
  • Provide high-level project overview
  • Identify project manager
  • Get sponsor/champion sign-off
  • Identify stakeholders

Project charter


Action Items Major Output
  • Collect requirements
  • Finalize scope
  • Document project team members and roles/responsibilities
  • Create work breakdown structure
  • Create work schedule
  • Create communication plan
  • Establish change control process

Project plan

Execution and Control

Action Items Major Output
  • Perform the work
  • Measure the work
  • Manage the work
  • Compare planned vs. actual
  • Take corrective or preventive action
  • Completed deliverables
  • Change requests


Action Items Major Output
  • Formally accept final product
  • Transition product to operations
  • Collect lessons learned
  • Release project team
  • Archive project documents
  • Project review and acceptance
  • Lessons learned

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