CyberSense Quiz - February 11, 2013

  1. Hovering a mouse over an email address may display an address that is different from the one displayed in the header. It's very risky to open the email if the two addresses are different.

    TRUE - Depending on the type of personal email account you have, hovering your mouse over the address displayed in the header may reveal that a suspicious email is not actually from the displayed sender. These emails should be immediately deleted.
  2. One click to open an email or a link often results in a great deal of time and money lost because of a hacked email, bank, credit card, or other accounts.

    TRUE - Clicking on a link could allow a cyber thief access to bank, credit card or email accounts, resulting in identity theft, loss of thousands of dollars, and hours of personal time spent to repair the damage.
  3. If a "known" entity such as UTHSC, your bank, or volunteer group emails you to request your password or other personal information, it's OK.

    FALSE - No reliable, verifiably authentic company or organization will ask for personal information, and almost every entity has strict policies about sharing your password with ANYONE.
  4. If you suspect your device has malware, been hacked, stolen, or experienced other problems, UTHSC NET ID users can get reliable, efficient assistance from the help desk.

    TRUE - The UTHSC Help Desk staff responds to numerous queries about IT issues, and are often the first on campus to be alerted to a new wave of malware/phishing tactics. Reporting your suspicions to them allows ITS to respond more quickly to interrupt the life cycle of fraudulent email activity.
  5. If you receive an email from an acquaintance which contains only an unknown link, it's usually not a problem if you satisfy your curiosity and click on the link.

    FALSE - Emails from known senders, especially those with ONLY a link and no message, can almost be guaranteed to cause problems for recipients. The email should be DELETED immediately.

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