Information Technology Service Advisory Council Charge


In support of effective, responsive and efficient information technology services (ITS) for the University of Tennessee Health Science Center (UTHSC), the CIO Advisory Committee (CIOAC) was formed.

Membership includes key decision-makers currently involved in setting UTHSC strategic directions and the sharing of resources across the academic health enterprise. The collaborative structure and processes serve to facilitate IS shared decision-making and aids in determining needs, approving and implementing goals, projects and the allocation of resources.


UTHSC is chartered to address Information Technology Services planning and realization within all locations and in support of all missions and programs of UTHSC in an advisory capacity and through the Vice Chancellor for Information Services/CIO.


UTHSC Information Technology Services (ITS) direction:

  • Promote alignment of the ITS function with UTHSC missions, goals and programs.
  • Promote coherent use of shared UTHSC computing, telecommunication and information resources in consideration of UTHSC's heterogeneous and distributed environment and organization.
  • Monitor the development of, and annual updates to, UTHSC ITS Strategic and Operational Plans. Includes evaluation of ITS needs and drivers, recommending goals and tactical directions.
  • Promote the continued effectiveness and efficiency of information services and support within all locations of the UTHSC.
  • Advise and assist the Vice Chancellor for Information Services/CIO in matters concerning ITS.
  • Offer guidance regarding information services direction, policies, and standards.
  • Encourage and nurture collaborative efforts with other UT, UTHSC, and other Information Technology groups.
  • Promote effective communications with and among the UTHSC community, leadership, key stakeholders and service organizations.

UTHSC ITS requests and projects (project portfolio management):  

  • In consideration of ITS directions and goals, determine which requests/projects should be under the purview of the council.

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