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Application Access

Banner and Banner Reports (Argos)
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Banner contains student information (classes, admissions, registration, etc.) and offering reporting capabilities.  

Enrollment Services
(901) 448-5560 

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Blackboard is the primary Learning Management System (LMS) used for online and blended courses at UTHSC. All UTHSC students, faculty and staff have Blackboard accounts created for them automatically, using the same login credentials (NetID) that is used for UTHSC resources.  

Teaching and Learning Center (TLC)
(901) 448-1927
What Is It? Registration Support Supplemental Information Login Link is an online learning company that is available to all faculty, staff, and students to learn software, design, and business skills.  With your free Lynda subscription, you receive unlimited access to a vast library of high quality, up-to-date, and engaging video tutorials.

Get registered to use by visiting the Sign In link, entered as your organization's URL, then using your UTHSC NetID/password to log in.


Tonya Brown
(901) 448-5902
FileMaker Pro

FileMaker Pro (FMP) is powerful software used to create custom apps and databases that work seamlessly across iPad, iPhone, Windows, Mac, and the web. 

Build your own custom app to meet the unique – and changing – needs of your business processes. Or, for inspiration, explore the built-in Starter Solutions for managing contacts, inventory, content, and more.

To learn more about the advantages, visit our printable FileMaker Pro Overview.

FileMaker Pro FAQs

ITS offers FREE FileMaker Pro licenses for UTHSC-owned computers only.

Security and Compliance policy requires all FileMaker Pro databases be:

  • upgraded to the current version of the software to have access to the latest FMP features and maintain a high level of security.
  • kept on the server in the UTHSC Data Center.

Advantages of having the FMP database on the server include nightly backups by ITS, central location, and better data security.

Contact the Helpdesk at (901) 448-2222 to get started and/or to move your database to the server.

While both spreadsheets and databases handle and manipulate data, there are times when one works better than the other. Below are guidelines for determining which best meets your need:

Need Excel Spreadsheet Need FileMaker Pro

You want to track and/or review data.

You want to analyze and/or manage data.
You have a relatively small number of data fields that are easy to browse, edit, and sort. You have numerous or large data fields which could continue to grow. 
The data is used mainly by one person at a time. The data is used by one or more people who need to access, edit, or use the data at the same time.
Excel's data auto-formatting feature is helpful. Excel's data auto-formatting feature could potentially compromise the data.
You need to easily integrate the data or document with other Microsoft Office software (e.g. inserting tables into Word or email).  
You need to be able to email copies of the document to others. You need to be able to email reports to others. 
You are okay with doing your own backups. You want ITS to do your backups (NOTE: This requires that the database be stored on the FileMaker server maintained by ITS). 

Sometimes you need an expert ...

If your data management needs are more complicated than what you are able to develop OR maintain on your own (i.e. lots of data, need for a web interface, lack of expertise, etc.), then please submit an ITS Project Request and let our IT Analysts develop and build a custom database application for you. This solution will take more time than going the DIY route, but you will be guaranteed a solution that is tailored to your needs, as well as expertly maintained and supported throughout its lifecycle.

Contact IT if...
• The data is sensitive or contains HIPAA, FERPA, PHI, or PII
• You require data from another application, such as Banner or IRIS
• You would like to send data to another application, such as Banner or IRIS
• The database is complex or requires extensive reporting
• The data needs to be viewed or shared by someone outside your department or by more than 15 individuals
• You want a web front-end for data entry or reporting
• You are looking for a long-term, supported solution

Get FileMaker 

Send a FootPrints ticket with the subject FileMaker Pro Request and in the email body, please provide your computer name.



Contact Application Support at for training.

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Nolij allows you to scan and store documents electronically for easy retrieval and increased productivity. Nolij Request Form

Connie Sutton
(901) 448-8032

Getting started with Nolij Nolij
Office 365
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Office 365 provides staff, faculty, and students email, online document editing and storage, access to the Office Web Apps, and Office 365 ProPlus (Microsoft Office for Windows and Mac) at no additional cost.



(901) 448-2222
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Qualtrics is a web-based survey service that is available for use by all UTHSC faculty, staff and students. The UTHSC Qualtrics Survey Service allows the campus community to easily create surveys, collect and store data, and produce reports.


Tonya Brown
(901) 448-5902

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SharePoint allows you to share documents, tasks, calendars, pictures, slides, and develop online discussions. SharePoint Request Form   SharePoint: Collaboration and Management Software Sharepoint
Sponsored NetID
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Use this system to request an individual NetID or renew an individual NetID that has expired. Sponsor Request/Renewal for a Network Identifier (NetID)      
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Visio is Windows software that can be used to create process maps, Lean Six Sigma diagrams, and other tools for documentation and mapping. 

Visio licensing is $24.00/per user per year. 

Complete an order form with a name and email address for each license requested.  Multiple licenses may be entered on the same form as long as they are being charged to the same cost center. 

Please submit the signed form prior to the 1st of the month to avoid delays.

Email the signed form to and


Tonya Brown
(901) 448-5902

Libby Pelham
(901) 448-3024


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Do you have a need for high quality video conferencing and screen sharing? If you are currently using tools like AdobeConnect, Skype, or GoToMeeting, you might be interested in Zoom.  We encourage the use of Zoom in both instructional and administrative settings. Zoom can be used to hold an online 40 minute meeting with up to 25 participants.  A Zoom Pro account allows unlimited meeting duration with up to 50 participants.  Meetings can be recorded. Create a Zoom Account
Request a Zoom Pro Account



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Last Published: Nov 5, 2018