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Assistant Professor Dong Wang of UTHSC Receives $308,000 Grant for Heart Attack Research

Ivan Gerling

With the help of a $308,000 grant from the American Heart Association, Dr. Dong Wang and his research team will be able to further explore ways to improve the treatment of patients with heart attack and ischemic heart disease. Read Full Story

Gustavo Miranda-Carboni of UTHSC Receives $158,232 Grant for Breast Cancer Research

Dr. Gustavo Miranda-Carboni

Dr. Gustavo Miranda-Carboni and his research team have been awarded a $158,232 grant by the NIH that will allow them to develop targeted therapeutics to treat or prevent lung metastasis for triple negative breast cancer patients. Read Full Story

UTHSC Professor Ivan Gerling Receives $1.5 Million Grant for Type 1 Diabetes Research

Ivan Gerling

A newly funded NIH grant will allow Dr. Ivan Gerling and his research team to further their studies into the process of Type 1 Diabetes. Their findings could provide a number of new potential drug targets that could stop or reverse the abnormal molecular processes and prevent or cure the disease. Read Full Story

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