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Noon Conferences


All conferences are held from 12:15 p.m. until 1:00 p.m. in Coleman North Auditorium Room A117.  Lunch is included unless otherwise indicated.  

Monthly Schedule

Date Topic Presenter
Oct 15 Global Health Austin Dalgo, MD
Oct 16 Skin and Soft Tissue Infections Barbara Menzies, MD
Oct 17 Research Basics James Dale, MD
Oct 18 Yale Curriculum – STIs Mack Land, MD
Oct 19 EBM Christopher Jackson, MD
Oct 22 Business of Medicine Nirmit Kothari, MD
Oct 23 Morbidity and Mortality Conference Drs. Jackson and Pathak
Oct 24 No Conference   
Oct 25 Infections in Solid Organ Transplant Recipients Stephen Threlkeld, MD
Oct 26 MKSAP  
Oct 29 Endenic Fungal Mycoses Robert W. Bradsher Jr., MD
Oct 30 Staph Aureus Infections Robert W. Bradsher Jr., MD
Oct 31 Fellowship 101  

Archived Recordings

The University of Tennessee Health Science Center College of Medicine is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) to provide continuing medical education for physicians.

The University of Tennessee Health Science Center College of Medicine designates this continuing medical education activity for a maximum of 1 credit hour in Category 1 of Physician's Recognition Award of the American Medical Association. Each physician should claim only those hours he / she actually spent in the educational activity.

This course is approved for .1 CEU's by The University of Tennessee.

2018 - 2019
Date Topic Presenter
Oct 12 Program Director Town Hall Robert W. Bradsher III, MD 
Oct 11 CNS Infections Hiren Pokarna, MD
Oct 10 Housestaff Meeting Medchiefs and Dr. Bradsher
Oct 09 Infective Endocarditis Christian Fuchs, MD
Oct 08 Employment Contracts Daniel Vandersteeg 
Oct 05 HIV Sara Cross, MD
Oct 04 Yale Curriculum - Hepatitis B  
Oct 03 No conference  
Oct 02 Tick-Borne Illness Neena Thomas-Gosain, MD 
Oct 01 UCH  
Sep 28 MKSAP  
Sep 27 Cardiomyopathies Muhammad Shahreyar, MD
Sep 26 Business of Medicine Sandeep Palokedeti, MD
Sep 25 Quality Improvement: M&M Drs. Jackson and Pathak
Sep 24 Housestaff Meeting  
Sep 21 What’s New in Cardiology Salem Salem, MD
Sep 20 Yale Curriculum  
Sep 19 Program Director Town Hall Robert Bradsher III, MD
Sep 18 Supraventricular Tachycardias Mark Heckle, MD
Sep 17 Test Taking Strategies Kathy Gibbs
Sep 14 MKSAP  
Sep 13 Non-Invasive and Invasive Cardiac Testing Kirstin Hesterberg MD
Sep 12 Investing and Financial Planning Jonathan McAllister
Sep 11 Heart Failure Oluwaseun Akinseye, MD
Sep 10 Life Insurance and Malpractice Insurance Landon Mills
Sep 07 EBM  
Sep 06 Acute Coronary Syndromes Mannu Nayyar, MD
Sep 05 Global Health Austin Dalgo, MD
Sep 04 Approach to Undifferentiated Chest Pain Nureddin Almaddah, MD
Sep 03 No conference (holiday)  
Aug 31 MKSAP  
Aug 30 Yale Curriculum  
Aug 29 Housestaff Meeting  
Aug 28 What’s New in Hematology/Oncology Dr. Hare 
Aug 27 Town Hall  (contact for URL)  
Aug 24 Breast Dr. Schwartzberg 
Aug 23 Elevated Blood Counts Dr. Weir 
Aug 21 Acute Leukemias and MDS Dr. Johnson  
Aug 17 MKSAP  
Aug 16 Yale Curriculum  
Aug 14 Anemia Dr. Weir 
Aug 13 How To Manage Your Debt, What To Pay Off First Jonathan McAlister  
Aug 10 EBM Intro  
Aug 09 Global Health Dr. Dalgo 
Aug 07 Upper and lower GI Cancers Dr. Wiedower
Aug 06 Student Loans Brandon Barfield
Aug 03 Oncologic Emergencies Dr. Ranganath
Aug 02 Quality Improvement: M&M Drs. Jackson and Pathak
Aug 01 No Conference  
2018-2019 Intern School
Jul 31 MKSAP  
Jul 30 DNR/End of Life Dr. Haavi Morrem
Jul 27 Housestaff Meeting MedChiefs
Jul 26 Antibiotics Dr. Theodore Morton
Jul 23 Approach to Diagnostic Reasoning Dr. Steve Nace
Jul 20 Anticoagulation 101 Dr. Meagan Rogers
Jul 19 Introduction to ICU/NPPV Dr. Dipen Kadaria
Jul 18 Yale Curriculum  
Jul 17 DM Mgmt and Endocrine Emergencies Dr. Samuel Dagogo-Jack
Jul 16 Heart Failure Pharmacology Dr. Jonathan Hoover
Jul 13 Introduction to QI Dr. Christopher Jackson
Jul 12 GI Emergencies Dr. Matthew Barnes 
Jul 11 Yale Curriculum  
Jul 10 Electrolytes Dr. Barry Wall  
Jul 09 CXR Interpretation and Basic Lung Pathology Dr. Muhammad Zaman 
Jul 06 Inpatient Pain Management Dr. James "Jim" Lewis
Jul 05 EKG Interpretation Dr. Rajesh Kabra  
Jul 04 No Conference  
Jul 03 Cross-Cover 101 Dr. Andrew Olinger
Jul 02 Professionalism Dr. Robert Bradsher, III
2017 - 2018
Date Topic Presenter
Jun 29 Housestaff Meeting Medicine Chiefs
Jun 28 Yale Ambulatory  
Jun 27 MKSAP  
Jun 26 House Cup Challenge Finals  
Jun 25 QI   
Jun 22 Neuromuscular Disease Tulio Bertorini, MD 
Jun 21 Yale Ambulatory  
Jun 20 MKSAP  
Jun 19 Movement Disorders Mark Ledoux, MD
Jun 18 Stroke Balaji Krishnaiah, MD  
Jun 15 Town Hall Meeting  
Jun 14 Yale Ambulatory  
Jun 13 MKSAP  
Jun 12 Neuro-Oncology Sushma Bellamkonda, MD
Jun 11 Epilepsy Andrew Wilner, MD  
Jun 08 No Conference  
Jun 07 Yale Ambulatory  
Jun 06 MKSAP  
Jun 05 Headaches Marc Malkoff, MD
Jun 04 Cognitive Disorders Marc Malkoff, MD  
Jun 01 New Innovations Conference  
May 31 Yale Ambulatory  
May 30 MKSAP  
May 29 Housestaff Meeting Medchiefs
May 28 No Conference  
May 25 House Cup Challenge Finals  
May 24 Yale Ambulatory  
May 23 MKSAP  
May 22 Systemic Sclerosis Arnold Postlethwaite, MD
May 21 Rheumatoid Arthritis Zunaira Ali, MD/Joseph Green, DO
May 18 Spondyloarthropathy Syed Hasan Raza, MD
May 17 Yale Ambulatory  
May 16 QI  
May 15 Gout & Pseudogout Syed Hasan Raza, MD 
May 14 DMARDs & Biologics Melanie Swims, MD
May 11 Inflammatory Myositis Debendra Pattanaik, MD
May 10 Yale Ambulatory  
May 09 MSKAP  
May 08 MKSAP  
May 07 Handoff Communication Best Practices Suzy Scott, GME
May 04 SLE Debendra Pattanaik, MD
May 03 Yale Ambulatory  
May 02 MSKAP  
May 01 Lab Testing in Rheumatic Disease Debendra Pattanaik, MD
Apr 30 House Cup Challenge  
Apr 27 Housestaff Meeting  (contact for URL) Med Chiefs
Apr 26 Yale Ambulatory  
Apr 25 MSKAP  
Apr 24 COPD Ibrahim Sultan-Ali, MD 
Apr 23 Sepsis Dipen Kadaria, MD 
Apr 20 Pleural Effusion Qasim Mirza, MD 
Apr 19 Yale Ambulatory  
Apr 18 MSKAP  
Apr 17 PAH Julio Lanfranco, MD 
Apr 16 House Cup Challenge  
Apr 13 Town Hall Meeting (contact for URL)  
Apr 12 Triumph Bank and Schumacher Clinical Partners  
Apr 11 MSKAP  
Apr 10 ILD Muhammad Zaman, MD 
Apr 09 Rental Properties and Mortgages or Renting Landon Mills 
Apr 06 PFTs Scott Sinclair, MD 
Apr 05 Yale Ambulatory  
Apr 04 MSKAP  
Apr 03 Bronchiectasis Khawaja Muddassir, MD
Apr 02 No Conference  
Mar 30 No Conference   
Mar 29 Yale Ambulatory  
Mar 28 MSKAP  
Mar 27 Housetaff Meeting (contact for URL)  
Mar 26 House Cup Challenge  
Mar 23 Treatment of Hyperlipidemia in Diabetic & Non-Diabetic Patients Ayotunde Dokun, MD 
Mar 22 Yale Ambulatory  
Mar 21 MSKAP  
Mar 20 Adrenal & Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia Ebenezer Nyenwe, MD 
Mar 19 Diagnosis & Management of Type 2 DM Helmut Steinberg, MD
Mar 16 Match Day Party  
Mar 15 Yale Ambulatory  
Mar 14 MSKAP  
Mar 13 Functional Pituitary Tumors & Diabetes Insipidus Samuel Dagogo-Jack, MD 
Mar 12 Retirement Planning for Residents Jonathan D. McAlister 
Mar 09 Insulin Therapy in Type 1 DM, Hypoglycemia, & Diabetic Crisis Ayotunde Dokun, MD 
Mar 08 Yale Ambulatory  
Mar 07 MSKAP  
Mar 06 Metabolic Bone Disease Ebenezer Nyenwe, MD 
Mar 05 Hospital Credentialing Sheri Yendrick
Mar 02 Hypothyroidism, Hyperthyroidism, Nodules Helmut Steinberg, MD 
Mar 01 Yale Ambulatory  
Feb 28 MSKAP  
Feb 27 House Cup Challenge  
Feb 26 Housestaff (contact for URL)  
Feb 23 Skin Manifestations of Systemic Disease Sarah Smith, MD 
Feb 22 Yale Ambulatory  
Feb 21 MSKAP  
Feb 20 Skin Cancer Kristopher Fisher, MD
Feb 19 Autoimmune Blistering Lesions Kristopher Fisher, MD 
Feb 16 Town Hall (contact for URL)  
Feb 15 Yale Ambulatory  
Feb 14 MSKAP  
Feb 13 Skin Infections Brad Bledsoe, MD
Feb 12 Payment Reform Landscape  
Feb 09 Skin Manifestations of Systemic Disease Emily Jones, MD
Feb 08 Yale Ambulatory  
Feb 07 MSKAP  
Feb 06 M & M  
Feb 05 Professionalism Michael Baron, MD 
Feb 02 Common Skin Rashes Tajesh Patel, MD
Feb 01 Yale Ambulatory  
Jan 31 House Cup Challenge  
Jan 30 No Conference  
Jan 29 Celiac Disease Bilal Ali, MD 
Jan 26 Housestaff Meeting (contact for URL) Medicine Chiefs
Jan 25 Yale Ambulatory  
Jan 24 MKSAP  
Jan 23 Celiac Disease Bilal Ali, MD
Jan 22 Esophagus Barbara Jackson, MD 
Jan 19 NAFL, NASH Uchenna Agbim, MD
Jan 18 Yale Ambulatory  
Jan 17 MKSAP  
Jan 16 Acute Liver Failure Benedict Maliakkal, MD
Jan 15 No Conference  
Jan 12 Town Hall  
Jan 11 Yale Ambulatory  
Jan 10 MKSAP  
Jan 09 IBD Ismail Mohammad, MD
Jan 08 No Conference  
Jan 05 Pancreas/Biliary Claudio Tombazzi, MD
Dec 22 Housestaff Meeting (contact for URL) Med Chiefs
Dec 21 Yale Ambulatory  
Dec 20 MKSAP  
Dec 19 Elevated Blood Counts & Myeloproliferative Disorders Alva Weir, MD
Dec 18 M&M  
Dec 15 Lung Cancer Gary Tian, MD 
Dec 14 Yale Ambulatory  
Dec 13 MKSAP  
Dec 12 Upper and Lower GI Cancer Eric Wiedower, MD
Dec 11 Investment Basics Daniel VanderSteeg 
Dec 08 Acute Leukemia Robert Johnson, MD 
Dec 07 Yale Ambulatory  
Dec 06 MKSAP  
Dec 05 CLL, Lymphoma, & Myeloma Jason Chandler, MD
Dec 04 Communicating Bad News (GME) Julie O'Day 
Dec 01 Thrombosis and Hypercoagulable States Michelle Chi, MD 
Nov 30 Yale Ambulatory  
Nov 29 MKSAP  
Nov 28 Breast Cancer Lee Schwartzberg, MD
Nov 27 House Cup Challenge  
Nov 22 Prostate, Renal, Testicular Cancer Daniel Vaena, MD 
Nov 21 Breast Cancer Lee Schwartzberg, MD
Nov 20 M & M  
Nov 17 Town Hall Meeting (contact for URL)  
Nov 16 Yale Ambulatory Curriculum  
Nov 15 MKSAP  
Nov 14 CareMore Healthcare Model Sandeep Palakodeti, MD
Nov 13 Compensation & Eployment Agreements (GME)  Steve Dickens
Nov 10 Oncologic Emergencies Sameer Nasir, MD
Nov 09 Yale Ambulatory Curriculum  
Nov 08 MKSAP  
Nov 07 Anemia Al Weir, MD
Nov 06 Getting Active on Capitol Hill (GME) Rebecca Lofty Woods
Nov 03 Hematology/Oncology Sandeep Rajan, MD
Nov 02 Yale Ambulatory Curriculum  
Nov 01 MKSAP  
Oct 31 Housestaff Meeting (contact for URL) MedChiefs
Oct 30 House Cup Challenge  
Oct 27 Pericardial Disease Beatrix Ramos, MD
Oct 26 Yale Ambulatory Curriculum  
Oct 25 MKSAP  
Oct 24 Pregnancy and Heart Disease Mohammad Shahreyar, MD 
Oct 23 Perioperative Risk Stratification David Flatt, MD
Oct 20 PAD Salem Salem, MD
Oct 19 Yale Ambulatory Curriculum  
Oct 18 MKSAP  
Oct 17 Town Hall Meeting (contact for URL)  
Oct 16 Cardiomyopathy Yenal Harper, MD
Oct 13 Arrhythmias Mark Heckle, MD
Oct 12 Yale Ambulatory Curriculum  
Oct 11 MKSAP  
Oct 10 Valvular Heart Disease Oluwaseun Akinseye, MD
Oct 09 Life Insurance Basics for Residents Landon Mills and Taylor Lloyd
Oct 06 Heart Failure Ellis Christian, MD
Oct 05 Palliative Care and Hospice at the End of Life  
Oct 04 MKSAP  
Oct 03 ACS/CAD Mannu Nayyar MD
Oct 02 Resident Wellness Bindiya Bagga, MD
Sep 29 Housestaff Meeting (contact for URL) Med Chiefs
Sep 28 Yale Ambulatory Curriculum  
Sep 27 MKSAP (not recorded)  
Sep 26 Acute Kidney Injury Robert Brad Canada, MD
Sep 25 Renal Replacement Therapies Jagannath Saikumar, MD
Sep 22 Glomerular Disease Colleen Hastings, MD
Sep 21 Yale Ambulatory Curriculum (Otitis Media and Externa)  
Sep 20 MKSAP  
Sep 19 CKD Kim Huch, MD
Sep 18 Kidney Stone Arif Showkat, MD
Sep 15 Town Hall Meeting(contact for URL)  
Sep 14 Yale Ambulatory Curriculum (Testicular Pain)  
Sep 13 MKSAP  
Sep 12 Acid Base Disorders Barry Wall, MD
Sep 11 Physician Contracts Daniel Vandersteeg
Strategic Financial Partners
Sep 07 Yale Ambulatory Curriculum  
Sep 06 MKSAP  
Sep 05 Hypertension Csaba Kovesdy, MD
Sep 04 No Conference  
Sep 01 Evaluation of Kidney Disease (not recorded)  
Aug 25 STIs Michael Gelfand, MD 
Aug 26 Yale Ambulatory Curriculum (Carpal Tunnel Syndrome)  
Aug 23 Sepsis Update  
Aug 22 Skin and Soft Tissue Infections Barbara Menzies, MD
Aug 21 (not recorded)  
Aug 18 Infectious Arthritis Shirin Mazumder, MD 
Aug 17 Healthy Parks, Healthy Person  
Aug 16 MKSAP  
Aug 15 (not recorded)  
Aug 14 (not recorded)  
Aug 11 Fungal Infections Michael Gelfand, MD 
Aug 10 Vitamin D Controversies  
Aug 09 MKSAP  
Aug 08 CNS Infections Animalu Chinelo, MD 
Aug 07 Student Loan and Financial Best Practices  
Aug 04 Tick-Born Infections  
Aug 03 Yale Ambulatory Curriculum (Dyspepsia)  
Aug 02 MKSAP  
Aug 01 Infective Endocarditis  
Jul 31 Introduction to MICU  
Jul 28 Housestaff Meeting (contact for URL)  
Jul 27 HF Pharmacology  
Jul 26 Yale Ambulatory Curriculum  
Jul 25 Electrolytes  
Jul 24 Intro to ICU, NIPPV, and Mechanical Ventilation  
Jul 21 HIV  
Jul 20 Afib/SVT  
Jul 19 Yale Ambulatory Curriculum  
Jul 18 Sepsis  
Jul 17 Hem/Onc Emergencies  
Jul 14 Endocrine Emergencies  
Jul 13 Anticoagulation  
Jul 12 Iron Deficiency Anemia  
Jul 11 Tennessee Healthcare Decisions Act  
Jul 10 Antibiotics  
Jul 07 GI Emergencies  
Jul 06 Professionalism  
Jul 05 Yale Ambulatory Curriculum  
Jul 04 No Conference  
Jul 03 Work/Life Balance  
2016 - 2017

Intern School

2016 - 2015
2015 - 2014

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