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Journal Club

Presenter Guidelines

  • Work with John Cassidy to select the article.
  • Each article will be placed on the website.
  • Decide on the style of Journal Club (Traditional Reporter, Debate, Q&A).
  • Use Journal Club Worksheet #1 and #2 to help plan your presentation.

Any questions about Journal Club can be emailed to

Worksheet for Planning Resident Journal Clubs
Worksheet for Critical Review of the Medical Literature
Example of How to Approach an Article

The Journal Club will take place at 6 pm around the 3rd Thursday of each month.

We will be sending out information on each Journal Club monthly. There will be a sign up available for each month.

Each resident is required to attend three (3) journal club meetings per year.

2017 - 2018

2016 - 2017

Last Published: Feb 5, 2018