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Program Director Letter

Welcome to the University of Tennessee Health Science Center Internal Medicine Residency Program website. We hope that your exploration of this website provides helpful information and meaningful insight into our program.

The Department of Internal Medicine is composed of eleven subspecialties with over 250 faculty training over 100 residents and 70 fellows. The residency program is the foundation of the department, and its importance cannot be understated. We understand that the most effective way to provide outstanding patient care to the greatest number of patients and to influence the future of medicine is to develop internists that strive for excellence in the practice of medicine, education, research, and service to the community.

Each year, we select a diverse group of talented residents with compassion and ambition, and through our curriculum, we develop the comprehensive understanding of evidence-based medicine which will serve as the foundation of their future practice. The curriculum consists of didactics and clinical learning. Didactics are delivered in a variety of formats, ranging from the traditional lecture format to problem- based team learning. This variety ensures that knowledge is reinforced through several modalities of learning and that residents develop not only as students but also as teachers. Residents then put into practice what they have learned from those didactics to care for patients with a vast array of pathology of varying degrees of severity, and they do so under the guidance and mentorship of outstanding academic faculty with a passion for medical education and patient care. All of this allows them to maximize and capitalize upon their potential as physicians.

In addition to developing foundational knowledge, an essential part of educating remarkable internists is training physicians to be skilled in medical research. UTHSC has been producing landmark research for decades, and as such, opportunities for resident participation in research projects are numerous. Our faculty are approachable and enthusiastic about engaging residents in clinical and basic research in hopes of developing the next generation of physician researchers. Every year, residents publish original research in high-impact journals and present their findings at national conferences. As a result, when residents graduate from UTHSC, they are well equipped to practice medicine in any setting, be it academic or private practice.

We strive to train not only knowledgeable physicians but also, and often more importantly, physicians who are able to deliver outstanding care to those in need. Many persons in our city lack the social, financial, and educational resources to care for themselves well, and the residency program has an important role in the healthcare of these Memphians. Residents train at four major hospitals in Memphis, and in doing so provide a significant portion of the care delivered to the underserved population of our city. These patients have a great need for high-quality medical care because of their complex medical diseases and challenging socioeconomic circumstances. In addition to evidence-based medicine, they require that their physicians understand who they are as persons and make investments in their well- being. The residents at UTHSC understand that fact. They make personal connections with their patients and learn how best to navigate the healthcare system to achieve superior outcomes. Most physicians decided to become physicians because they wanted to help others.Training at UTHSC allows residents to do just that, and it allows them to learn how to do it well. Residents leave with the ability to treat the patient with an illness, not just the illness.

The impact of the UTHSC medicine residency program on the city is enormous. It is fair to say that most patients in Memphis have benefited in some way from the training program at UTHSC, but the influence is not one-sided. The city of Memphis is vibrant, and its culture runs deep. There are so many enriching experiences that the city offers in the areas of music, art, sports, cuisine, and much more. We are the birthplace of rock ‘n’ roll and home of the blues. We are the home of Elvis, BB King, Beale Street, the Grizzlies, the Tigers, and world-famous barbeque, and today, Memphians continue to build upon our great heritage. Exciting things are happening here, and it is wonderful to be a part of them. Training is a busy time, but part of becoming a great physician is continuing to develop as a person. There is no better way to do so than by having fulfilling experiences outside of the hospital and becoming part of a community. Memphis has no shortage of those opportunities, and you will not find a more welcoming city than this one. It is a great place to enjoy life and a great place to call home.

We invite you to become part of our community and the exciting things that are happening at UTHSC!


Kim Huch, MD
Director, Internal Medicine Residency Program

Program Director Dr. Huch standing by a UTHSC sign

Last Published: May 1, 2018