How the Temporary Pool Works


All payroll functions for Temporary Help Pool employees are processed electronically in Human Resources. Paper copies of timesheets are not accepted for Temporary Help Pool staff. We have created a one-stop resource online to record time for temporary employees in iLogin. All Temporary Help Pool employees are oriented to the system before reporting to their respective departments. Likewise, department timekeepers are provided a tutorial on the approval process prior to receiving employees in their area. Time should be entered into iLogin NO LATER than the Thursday before the pay period end date.


Temporary workers should be reminded that overtime (time and one-half) is paid only when an employee has worked more than 40 hours in a contiguous week. It is at the department supervisor's discretion whether to authorize a temporary worker's overtime hours.


Temporary workers are paid on a biweekly basis. Direct deposit notifications are mailed by the Temporary Pool Coordinator on payday. Regular payroll checks are mailed from the payroll office on the Monday prior to payday. Payroll schedules are provided to Temporary Help Pool staff at the beginning of their employment. Human Resources has responsibility for setting temporary employees up to participate in the university's direct deposit program.

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