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Extensions and Cancellations

It is important to communicate with the Temporary Pool Coordinator regarding assignment extensions and cancellations. These are normal effects of temporary work, and our employees understand that their employment is offered on an as-needed basis. However, extending or cancelling a temporary employee's assignment is an important step in managing university compliance processes.

The original assignment end date is an approximation; therefore, an assignment can be extended or ended early based on your departmental needs. We will place a reminder phone call a few days before your temporary employee is scheduled to complete his/her assignment. An extension can be processed at this time. Additionally, we can cancel an assignment or find a replacement if your temporary employee is not the best possible fit for your department.


Evaluations are a great way of showing your temporary employee your appreciation for a job well done or critiquing areas of improvement. Because many of our temporary employees seek growth opportunities, the evaluation form can serve as a referral, should he or she be considered for a permanent position at the university.

Although rare, an evaluation form may help in a disciplinary investigation for termination procedures regarding behavioral issues. The Temporary Pool Coordinator will request an evaluation incrementally during the employment of a temp pool employee and at the close of each assignment. Similarly, we appreciate your feedback as it helps in our efforts for continued improvement of the program.

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