Grants from the Sick Leave Bank

In order to be eligible for a sick leave bank grant employees must be on an approved Family and Medical Leave and have exhausted all of their own sick, annual, and personal leave for their own personal illness or injury. Grants from the sick leave bank are not granted when caring for a spouse, child, parent, or any other individual who is not the employee.

The following illnesses and injuries are ineligible for a grant from the sick leave bank:

  • Elective surgeries
  • Normal pregnancy and childbirth
  • Conditions for which an employee is receiving:
    • disability benefits
    • retirement benefits
    • worker's compensation benefits

Requesting a Grant

This information is provided to advise the employee of how to make a request for a sick leave bank grant and what to expect with regard to how the grant will be processed.

  1. Complete the Withdrawal Request FormAdobe PDF. Forms may be submitted by fax, email, or delivered in person.
  2. A health care provider must certify the need for a grant by completing and returning the Medical FormAdobe PDF. Forms may be submitted by fax, email, or delivered in person.
  3. The request will be summarized and all personally identifiable information will be removed. The request will then be sent to the Sick Leave Bank Trustee Board for determination.
  4. Sick Leave Bank grant request are approved if 3 of the 5 trustee’s approve the request. The Sick Leave Bank trustee board has 10 business days to make a determination.
  5. Employees will receive a letter in the mail informing them of the determination of the request. Department supervisors will also receive this information.
  6. If approved, payroll will be sent documentation to add the requested hours to the employee’s sick leave bank balance.
  7. Employees may receive up to a 90 day grant within a calendar year. Initial grants are made for 30 days and employees are required to have their health care provider submit an additional medical certification for additional days up to the 90 day maximum.
  8. Hours from the sick leave bank should be listed on the timesheet as sick leave.
  9. Any unused hours granted to an employee must be returned to the bank.

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