Beneficiary Updates

Designation of Beneficiary for Unpaid Compensation (annual/sick leave, final paycheck, etc.)

Life Insurance

TCRS Members

To view your TCRS account and review/update beneficiary information please log onto:  external link icon .

All employees who began participating in the TCRS plan before July 1, 2014 may only list one beneficiary. Payment will be made in the form of an annuity. Estates and multiple beneficiaries are not eligible for payment of an annuity.

ORP Members

All services for the ORP are provided through one of the authorized investment service managers. To update your beneficiary please contact your ORP Provider:

  • VOYA - 800-525-4225
  • TIAA-CREF - 800-842-2776
  • VALIC - 800-448-2542

Deferred Compensation

All deferred compensation beneficiary updates are done electronically by logging onto your account or contacting the company directly for instructions.

401K, 401k Roth, 457


  • VALIC: 800-426-3753
  • Ameriprise Financial: 800-328-8300
  • Fidelity Investments: 800-343-0860
  • VOYA: 800-448-2542
  • TIAA-CREF: 800-842-2733