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CVS Caremark CVS Caremark is the pharmacy benefits manager for all plan members, regardless of whether you are currently enrolled in the Standard PPO, or Partnership PPO plans. CVS Caremark will mail welcome packets and prescription cards to all members. You must carry this (pharmacy) card in addition to your current (medical) ID card. If you have questions or have not received your pharmacy cards, please contact CVS Caremark customer service at 1-877-522-TNRX (8679).

A Summary of Your Prescription Drug Benefits

  • The State's prescription drug plans require a co-pay or co-insurance. How much you pay depends on how the prescription is filled.
  • You'll pay the lowest amount for a generic (Tier One) drug. A generic medicine is FDA approved and equal to the brand name product in safety, effectiveness, quality and performance.
  • You'll pay a higher amount for a preferred brand (Tier Two) drug. Preferred brands are included on the drug list.
  • You'll pay the highest amount for a non-preferred brand (Tier Three) drug. These belong to the most expensive group of drugs. These drugs are not included on the drug list.

Finding a CVS Caremark Pharmacy

More than 1,600 independent and chain pharmacies in Tennessee are available through the pharmacy benefits manager. All offer 30-day prescriptions. If you take a maintenance medication, some of the “mail at retail” pharmacies also fill 90-day prescriptions; mail service is also available.

You can find a 30-day or 90-day network pharmacy through the Caremark website at www.caremark.com. You will need to register to search for a pharmacy. Click the link to “Register Now.” You will need to enter your participant ID, found on the front of your prescription card.

You can also call CVS Caremark customer service at 1-877-522-TNRX (8679) to find a network pharmacy near you.

Flu and Pneumococcal Vaccine Coverage

View the 2013-2014 flu and pneumococcal vaccine coverage information sheet external link icon on how to access this free benefit.

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