UTHSC Listserv Information

Listservs allow the faculty and staff to easily communicate specific information to a select group of recipients. To view public lists and subscribe use visit the Mailing Lists site. If you are unable to register online you can email your request to the list owner.

There are four campus wide mailing lists that have restricted access:

  1. Campus: people with email accounts ending in @uthsc.edu
  2. Students: people currently enrolled in the university with an email address ending in @uthsc.edu
  3. Staff: employees of the university who hold the staff classification and whose address ends in @uthsc.edu
  4. Faculty: employees of the university who hold the faculty classification with email accounts ending in @uthsc.edu

Postings to campus wide list are monitored and moderated. Contact Communications and Marketing before posting messages to any of these four campus wide list.

Computing Systems offer lists service creation and hosting free of charge, however they require all new list administrators attend an intro session.

Please email mailman@listserv.uthsc.edu to request a list creation. The list request email must have:

  • a request by a UT Employee (i.e. your sponsor, a Dean, Director, etc.)
  • name and purpose of the list
  • an email and phone number for whoever will administer the list

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