Information Technology Services

Remote Desktop Access

1.) You must have the newest UTHSC Cisco VPN product installed. Read the VPN download and installation instructions first, then come back to this page.

2.) If you have never connected to your work computer using remote desktop, you must first configure your work computer to allow remote desktop connections. NOTE: You must be running Windows 7 or higher on your work computer to use remote desktop.

3.) You will need to access the System Properties by right clicking on the Start icon and selecting System. Select Remote Settings (for Win 8 and 10 users)

For Win 7 users you will need to click Start > right click on Computer > select Properties

You should be viewing the Remote tab

4.) Select the "Allow Remote Connections" radial button then click "Apply" and "OK" to close the window.

5.) You will need to know the DNS host name of your work computer to connect remotely.

To view the DNS name, you can press the Win+Pause/Break on your keyboard which will open the System information window. You should see the computer name which you will need to take note of.

6.) From your home computer, run the Cisco VPN client and log in with your NetID and password.

7.) To connect to your work computer, open Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection and type the computer name you noted from step 5.

Note: Your home computer must have Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection installed to connect. This will not work otherwise. RDC comes pre-loaded on all Windows computers and can be found by clicking Start > and searching for it in the search box.

8.) If everything has been properly configured, you should be asked to log into your work computer just as if you were at the office.