Syncing UTHSC Exchange Account with an Android Device

Note: Not all android devices are the same and this process may vary depending on the device and the version of Android being used. These instructions should provide enough information to sync a UTHSC account with most Android devices. For further assistance you can contact the helpdesk at 448-2222.

  1. Press the menu key from the home screen and select ‘Settings' by pressing the gear symbol.
    Press Menu Key and Select Settings
  2. In settings, select ‘Accounts & Sync.'
    Select Accounts and Sync
  3. Choose ‘Corporate' (Some devices may say ‘Exchange').
    Choose Corporate
  4. Enter your UTHSC email address and password and press Next.
    Enter your email address and password then press
  5. Enter additional Exchange settings as follows. Domain should be ‘UTHSC' and Exchange Server should be ‘
    Enter additional settings - domain UTHSC, exchange server
  6. Additional account options may vary depending on your device and the version of Android you are using and can be changed depending on your preferences.
    Additional account options can be changed
  7. After you have finished with the setup you will be given the option to name the account.
    Name the account
  8. The first time you open your email you will need to activate device administrator. (See below for more information about the ‘Delete all data' permission).
    Activate device administrator
    Delete all data: this is a standard exchange feature and must be accepted if you want to sync an exchange account with android. Accepting this option does not mean that anyone other than you will be able to delete data from your device. This operation is necessary in many organizations to ensure that data is not at risk if a device is lost or stolen. Once you have synced your exchange account you can see your device in webmail and delete data from your device if necessary.
  9. Once you press activate your account will be synced.

Deleting all data

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