Portfolio Instructions

Curriculum Vitae

The curriculum vitae should include the following:

  1. Current home address
  2. Complete work history including job site, position held, and length of employment.
  3. Education summary
  4. Continuing education activity since licensure
  5. Publications
  6. Scientific and professional presentations
  7. Membership in scientific/professional societies or organizations
  8. Consultative and advisory positions held
  9. Certifications or specializations obtained
  10. Community Service Activities

Proof of Work Experience

Notarized letter from employer to indicate at least 3 months of practice in any PT setting after graduation from the entry-level program.

Petitions for Competency Review

For each course that is being petitioned for competency credit, the course name and number should be listed. The student should also submit course materials indicating course objectives and schedule of presentation of the course. The student should also provide a detailed explanation of why the student feels competency credit should be given for the course.
Course Descriptions listed here.

Competency Evidence

  1. Educational experience (e.g. Graduate courses, continuing education seminars, workshops, conferences, specializations, certifications)
  2. Continuing Education Seminars /Workshops/Conferences/Specializations or Certifications
    1. Proof of attendance at course(s)
    2. Copies of any certifications attained if applicable
    3. Copy of course content
    4. One publishable quality case study in which the techniques/knowledge acquired in the course or through certification can be used as a "proof" of competency.

Graduate courses

  1. Transcript for the course(s) being petitioned for the competency; a grade of "B" or higher is required
  2. Copy of course outline which states objectives
  1. Teaching experience (e.g. clinical instructor, community groups, guest lectures in a rehabilitation program, continuing education)
    1. Proof of having been an instructor or currently instructing in an academic institution or in a continuing education program
    2. Copies of course outlines including objectives
    3. Copies of student evaluation forms for teaching performance
    4. Evidence of proficiency in designing appropriate evaluation tools to measure student acquisition of knowledge
  2. Publications: Provide copy of article(s) in journals or other publications
  3. Research participation
  4. Leadership in Health Care Organizations
  5. Military training

The maximum number of credit hours that is allowable by portfolio review will be 15 credit hours for the applicant with a BSPT and 13 credit hours for the applicant with a MPT/MSPT. Applicants are not automatically given the full number of credit hours allowed but credit will be based upon the applicant´s portfolio review.

Letter grades will not be given for credits obtained through portfolio review.

Portfolios will be reviewed for a fee of $ 200 - $800 during the application process prior to the applicant´s acceptance into the degree completion program. The fee will be depended upon the complexity of the portfolio review.

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