Info for Undergrads Seeking Graduate Credit

Undergraduate students in the Department of Audiology and Speech Pathology may be granted permission to take graduate-level course work while still enrolled in the undergraduate program. These credits will then transfer to a graduate transcript if they are taken in excess of the credits needed to graduate. Students considering this option must meet basic University requirements as outlined in the Graduate Catalog well as the following:

  1. Student's grade point average (GPA) within the major must be at least 3.70.
  2. Student must meet specific prerequisite requirements (if any) for each course being taken.
  3. Permission must be obtained from the instructor for each graduate course being taken.
  4. No more than 3 graduate credit hours may be taken in any one semester.

Exceptions to any of the above require consent of the Department Head.

NOTE: Permission for undergraduate students to take graduate courses for credit does NOT in any way imply admission to the graduate program. Students wishing to enter the graduate program must apply in the usual manner and compete with all other applicants being considered at that time.


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