Facilities and Practicum

In addition to a diverse curriculum and large scholarly faculty, we have a wide variety of excellent clinical practicum sites both on and off campus. In our own clinical facilities at the University of Tennessee and the University of Tennessee Medical Center, we offer complete diagnostic and treatment services including classrooms for aural habilitation of children with hearing impairments. Across these two sites, we serve over 3000 clients per year. Nearby practicum facilities are also extensive and include rehabilitation centers, hospitals, nursing homes, physician's offices, private practice and the Tennessee School for the Deaf.

Off-Campus Practicum

Beginning in the second year of study, students will obtain clinical experience in a variety off-campus placements in the Knoxville area.  Students will be placed off-campus once they have met expected competencies during on-campus practicum. 

Second-Year Summer Externship

Assuming satisfactory clinical and academic performance and a passing grade on qualifying exams, a student may opt, during their 2nd summer, to seek an externship experience.  It is the student’s responsibility to identify a site and secure an extern position, under the advisement of his/her doctoral committee.  A contract must be signed between the site and the University of Tennessee BEFORE a student may begin clinical practicum at this site. It is in the student’s best interest to pursue these externships as early as possible because it can take months to complete contractual agreements.   

Fourth-Year Externship

After having passed qualifying and comprehensive exams and having been admitted to candidacy, students will complete a fourth-year externship.


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