Student Withdrawal

Approval date:                        April 17, 2013
Next Scheduled review:          October 6, 2013

Policy Statement

In order to comply with university policy on the timely reporting of changes in student status for any student with reporting to the Office of the Registrar, the COHP follows the UTHSC Withdrawal Procedure for reporting and notifications of student withdrawals.

Policy Rationale and Procedure

Withdrawal Based on Student-Requested Change in Status

A student enrolled in any of the programs in the COHP may officially withdraw from the program at any time by submitting a written request to the chair or program director. Programs determine whether or not students are allowed to withdraw from individual courses in a program. 

A student who withdraws may request that he/she be allowed to return to the program if the withdrawal is for a compelling, non-academic reason. In such case, the Departmental Progress and Promotions Committee will make a recommendation to the Dean of the COHP regarding the request. The Dean may approve or deny the recommendation. Refer to the UTHSC Catalog, College of Health Professions section, for details.


Attendance is required for all COHP programs.  Specific information about the attendance expectations are provided at the program level.

Withdrawal due to Non-Attendance

A student who ceases to attend classes without formal approval from his/her program will be considered to have withdrawn. Colleges must notify the Registrar’s office as soon as such students are identified, and initiate a ‘student status change form’ that triggers notification of all supporting offices. The grade point average for the student will be reported as zero during this period of enrollment. The date recorded for the change in status will be used to determine whether or not the student is eligible for repayment of a portion of their refunds in tuition and fees. It is the responsibility of the student to repay all loans in accordance with his/her loan agreements.

For online courses a student will be withdrawn if there has been no contact between student and instructor for 21 calendar days.

Weekend courses (Friday Saturday, Sunday) a student will be withdrawn for non- attendance when they have missed one third of the course contact hours.

Students participating in clinical/fieldwork education will be withdrawn if the student is absent for 3 consecutive days without contact with the site or the program.

Time Limits for Withdrawals

Recording the withdrawal will be in accordance with the following:

  • For those courses in which < 50% of the total points have been completed, the student will receive a “W.”
  • For those courses in which 51 - 70% of the total points have been completed, the student will receive either “WP” or “WF” depending on his/her standing in the course at the time of withdrawal.
  • For those courses in which >70% of the total points have been completed, the student (if no compelling extenuating circumstances exist) will receive zero credit for those assignments that the student fails to complete, and the zero credit will be incorporated into the final grade calculation.
  • Students with compelling extenuating circumstances may appeal to the Program Progress and Promotions committee for an exception to this policy. Cases will be considered on an individual basis.

Students who receive financial aid and are considering withdrawing from UTHSC, must immediately consult the Financial Aid Office. Depending on the date of withdrawal, all or a portion of the financial aid may have to be repaid immediately.

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