Volunteer Faculty Appointment Process

Approval date:                        April 17, 2013
Next Scheduled review:          October 6, 2013


All departments in the College of Health Professions have guidelines that must be met before a person can be nominated for a volunteer faculty appointment. Prior to beginning the process outlined below, each department chair must confirm that their department’s guidelines have been met in regard to the person they wish to appoint.

  1. After the chair confirms the eligibility of the volunteer appointment, the following information is required from the volunteer faculty member:
    1.  Verification of degree form for ALL institutions attended

    2. CV

    3. Personal Data Form

    4. Two letters of reference

    5. Copies of driver’s license and social security card (if SS card is not available, a certified copy of birth certificate or current passport will suffice)

  2. The department appointing the volunteer faculty member must:
    1. Send the potential faculty member a letter of consideration (this letter should include a request for the above mentioned information)

    2. Complete a faculty appointment agreement (FAA) (located at https://academic.uthsc.edu/faculty/recruitment_appointment.php)

    3. Write a letter of appointment
    4. Complete a request to create a position in IRIS (screen zpposition000)
    5. Complete a personnel data form (PDF) located at http://iris.tennessee.edu/HR%20Misc/Forms/default.htm(signature of demonstration teacher is not required)
    6. Complete an Initial Hire/Rehire Form located at http://iris.tennessee.edu/HR%20Misc/Forms/default.htm

After all of the information in sections A. and B. above has been received and signed by the appropriate department chair and college dean, the packet of information should be sent to the VC for Academic, Faculty and Student Affairs. That office will mail to the volunteer faculty member the appointment letter, FAA and a Faculty Database Questionnaire.

The department should make two copies of the information being sent to the VC for Academic Affairs – one copy for the department and one copy for the dean’s office.

NOTE: Volunteer faculty members cannot be paid for their services unless an “additional position” is included on the Initial Hire/Rehire form placing them on payroll for services rendered to the department other than those provided as a volunteer. See below for benefits available to volunteer faculty.

Benefits Provided to Volunteer Faculty

Volunteer faculty members are eligible for the following benefits:

  1. Membership to the Orion Federal Credit Union (formerly Memphis Area Teachers Credit Union) or UT Federal Credit Union.
  2. Membership to the UT Fitness Center (appropriate fees must be paid).
  3. Access to the UT Library.
  4. Free evening and weekend campus parking.
  5. Discounted fees at the UT Dental Clinic.
  6. Access to the College of Health Professions computer lab.
  7. Access to a UT email account.*

*Since a volunteer faculty member is not paid a salary, they must be sponsored by their department in order to obtain an email address.

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