Scholarship Policy and Procedures

Approval date:                        November 7, 2012
Next Scheduled review:          November 2013

Policy Statement

A number of scholarships are offered to students in the College of Health Professions in collaboration with the Office of Financial Aid. Most of the scholarships are for entry-level students and students enrolled in post professional degree programs are not eligible to receive these scholarships. Policies and procedures for awarding scholarships are explained below. Other external scholarships existing outside the authority of program officials are handled on a case-by-case basis not subject to these policies and procedures.

  1. An updated list of available scholarships including information about limitations, rules and regulations for each is maintained by the assistant/associate dean for student affairs and is available on the college website
  2. Upon finalizing admissions recommendations and no later than June 1st, program scholarship committees will select scholarship recipients and/or nominations for programs which start in the fall semester and no later than October 1st for programs which start in the spring semester.
  3. Students are encouraged to apply for scholarships and may be provided with information about scholarships options during the admissions process. A generic scholarship form is available on the web at The form provides general information to assist program officials with scholarship nominations.
  4. Guidelines for Departmental Scholarship Committees.
    1. Each allied health program that offers scholarships will have a scholarship committee, the members of which are named by the department chair on an annual basis. Scholarship selection committees are appointed by the department chair and are typically comprised of departmental faculty and may include external members with interest in the program. The exception to this is when the composition of the selection committee is outlined by the “Scholarship Memorandum of Agreement and Administrative Provisions” for each endowed scholarship.
    2. Scholarship committees will meet formally at least once each year to select scholarship recipients for both incoming and existing students. Additional meetings may be conducted as needed.
    3. Accurate records of the selection process must be maintained in a secure manner:
    4. Meeting minutes with attendance roster;
    5. Written documentation supporting the selection based upon criteria dictated by individual scholarship guidelines;
    6. For departmental or programmatic endowed scholarships in which financial need is a criterion, there should be documentation of the information used in the selection process, such as a roster of eligible students showing unmet financial need;
    7. A copy of the “Scholarship Memorandum of Agreement and Administrative Provisions” for each endowed scholarship awarded by COHP programs. This is the document that was approved when the scholarship was established.
  5. Scholarship spreadsheets are emailed to each department in May. Each department should place the name of the student receiving each award in the appropriate location. Departments will add names to the list as needed or remove scholarships that will not be granted.
    1. If the amount awarded is to be selected by the Office of Financial Aid, the department should contact that office to obtain the amount of the award prior to submitting their spreadsheet to the assistant/associate dean.
    2. If the award is an in-house scholarship (i.e. Ann Craig awarded by Physical Therapy), the amount available to award is obtained by the department chair by viewing the account balance in IRIS.
  6. Upon receiving the scholarship spreadsheet from the department chair, a congratulatory letter from the dean will be emailed to the student(s). The letter(s) will be copied to the program director/chair of the department awarding the scholarship. The assistant/associate dean for student affairs will forward the names and amounts for scholarship recipients to the Office of Financial Aid.

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