Progress and Promotions

Approval date:                        October 1, 2013
Next Scheduled review:          October 2014

Policy Statement

Promotion is the process by which a student progresses through an academic program and graduates. Promotion and graduation require positive action by the dean based upon recommendations of each program’s progress and promotion committee.

Rationale and Procedure

While progress and promotion committees generally act at the end of a term, they can act any time a student is deemed to be making inadequate progress toward degree objectives and/or is demonstrating unacceptable behavior in the key areas of personal and professional behavior. Progress and Promotion committee recommendations regarding a particular student are based upon input by each faculty member or course director who has teaching responsibility for that student during a given instructional period.

All committees follow specific guidelines related to required student performance and the kinds of recommended actions that may be made.

The complete Progress and Promotions policy resides in the UTHSC Bulletin.

Progress and Promotions recommendations should be submitted according to the format included in this document.

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