Approval date:                        April 3, 2013
Next Scheduled review:          October 2013

Policy Statement

The college awards letter grades based on (numerical values) as well as grades of pass/fail. The grading scale for each program is recorded in the UTHSC Bulletin and also provided on the course syllabus. The UTHSC Bulletin outlines the student performance criteria for each program and the academic progress and promotions committee process. In the COHP, the program faculty are responsible for determining the grading scale. It is the responsibility of the instructor of a course to describe the method of evaluation of each course. Grades are not considered final until reported to the Banner system.

Repeating courses

Recommending that a student repeat all or part of the curriculum may be made only if all

of the following conditions are present:

  1. the presence of specific nonacademic circumstance(s) judged by the progress and promotion committee as having an adverse effect on the student’s academic performance;
  2. progress and promotion committee judgment that the identified specific circumstance(s) show probability of resolution within a reasonable period of time.
  3. the progress and promotion committee judgment that resolution of the identified circumstance(s) will subsequently result in satisfactory performance by the student.

Withdrawal from courses impact on student grade

Please reference the COHP and UTHSC Withdrawal Policy for information about that process.

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